Burglars Hate these things

Burglars hate these 3 things!

If you know what burglars don’t want to see at your home or business, you may be able to prevent them from trying to enter. Here are three things burglars hate to encounter when they attempt a break-in to a house with home security system or a business with a security system.

Smart burglars know where to look for a video surveillance system, and if they see it, the very presence of the camera will often deter them from trying to break in. Yes, there are exceptions to this – but you can greatly minimize your risks of a burglar attempting to enter by having home security cameras installed.

This is one of the smartest features homeowners can implement into their security systems. Many burglars believe they can bypass the motion detection of the alarm by breaking a window or a sliding glass door for entry. But if your system has glass break detection, the alarm will sound the moment the glass is broken. Burglars hate glass break detection because it thwarts their best-laid plans.

Of course, they hate the monitored alarm system that detects their motion more than anything. If an audible noise sounds the moment they open the door, burglars know that means they don’t have much time before the police will arrive – that is, if your alarm is monitored. He hopes it isn’t monitored, which is exactly why it needs to be. There are other things burglars would rather not encounter at a home or business, and we will cover those soon. For now, make sure these three features are installed in your security system. The burglars will hate it, and that means they just may pass up your home the next time they’re in the neighborhood. Check out our home security packages for the perfect home security system packages for you!

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