Want to make the most of the crisp, cool days of fall? Put your smart security system and smart home automation devices to work and hit the road or trails, knowing your home is protected. Backed by professional alarm monitoring and with convenient mobile app control of your security system, you can enjoy a smarter, safer fall and upcoming holidays.

With cooler weather and plenty of fall festivals, you’ll be out and about more. Sadly, with the mild temperatures and earlier sunsets, bad guys also are often on the prowl. Along with a complete home security system, including smart home security cameras, and professional alarm monitoring on your side, you can rest easy, knowing someone is there even when you can’t be or if you miss important alarm notifications.

There’s something extremely comforting in the ability to check alerts yourself and see what’s happening at home or the office while you’re away. With monitoring as part of your security service, you add an extra level of peace of mind from security dispatchers who are there to send for help or contact authorities when there’s potential trouble.

Top 5 Features & Benefits of a Monitored Alarm System, with Mobile App Control
Take advantage of these top five features and benefits of a professionally installed and monitored home security system so you can fully relax while enjoying time away with friends or family:

1. Enjoy reassurance by checking in via smart security cameras, knowing you’ll receive an alert about suspicious activity at home when you’re not there. Our connected Alert 360 video cameras will send you smartphone alerts, and our security solutions with activity sensors will alert you if a door or window opens.

Today, there are more and more easily connected smart devices you can incorporate to keep an eye on home and detect trouble, such as a video doorbell to see who’s at the door, know when deliveries arrive, or someone suspicious visits. You can even integrate your Rachio smart watering systems with our Alert 360 app to ensure you have the greenest lawn on the block and it stays watered while you’re away.

2. Use your home security and smart home system to save time and worry. Receive an alert if you leave home without locking a door or arming your system and enjoy the ability to lock doors, or set your alarm, even turn lights on or off and close smart garage doors, from our convenient and free Alert 360 app.

3. Don’t want to stay too connected and have to stare at your phone while at the beach or on a mountain trail, worried you’ll miss something? Or, maybe there’s a long flight and nap on your to-do list, where you’ll most likely not access your phone or tablet. With alarm monitoring professionals on your side, someone is always there in the event of alarm notification, to send help or call your alarm notification list. And if you’re overseas and can’t contact 911, professional monitoring representatives are there to contact local police or fire personnel if needed.

4. Enjoy the marriage made in heaven between smartphone access, home security cameras, access alerts, mobile app control … and someone has your back. With your smartphone, you’ll know right away if your dog escaped, the kids arrived home safely, or someone accessed a sensitive area. If there’s trouble or an issue that needs to be checked, help is a phone call away for either you or a child, pet or elderly parent who’s home alone.

5. Include a smart thermostat, water detection and carbon monoxide detectors as part of your complete smart security and home automation system and know when dangerous levels of gas, the presence of water, or extreme temperatures are threatening your property or family. For critical and costly emergencies, you’ll want someone there ready to respond and alert authorities and an alarm monitoring center with rapid response times can help save your loved ones, home, or small business.

Today’s wireless options, affordable, around-the-clock monitoring, and mobile-app control make it easier than ever to eliminate the stress of monitoring your security system alone. At the Alert 360 Monitoring Center, we’ve got you covered. We provide nearly 50 years of alarm monitoring experience and the latest smart security and automation services that deliver real convenience, on-the-go control, crime deterrence, and peace of mind.

Every one of our quarter of a million customers benefits from connected security and our Five Diamond-designated monitoring, and that helps us all rest easier and look forward to a carefree fall with family and friends. (With a monitored alarm system, you might also benefit from a potential discount of between 5 to 20 percent on your homeowner’s insurance premium.)

Not connected or enjoying our 24/7 alarm system monitoring? Contact us for a free consultation and then make plans to hit the road for the perfect fall getaway, leaving your worries behind!

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