Security and smart home customers of Alert 360, the fifth largest provider of security systems and smart home services to residential customers in the United States, now have access to a premier security camera that provides enhanced 180-degree range, pan, tilt and enhanced zoom, two-way audio and a multitude of advanced features that increase overall home security, awareness, and convenience. As the company’s most powerful and flexible option, this latest Alert 360 camera is an upgraded option for home or business owners who require a premium video experience and advanced design in home or business video security.

With Alert 360’s 180-degree connected camera, customers can zoom or tilt the security camera’s lens to get an even closer look at what’s happening at home or their business, checking in to ensure kids, pets, elderly parents, employees, sensitive areas, valuables and inventory are safe. This camera is intended for high-end residential or business video monitoring, setting itself apart from standard cameras, with forward-looking features, a clean modern design, and the ability to mount it on a wall or set it on a shelf or table. The camera also serves as a Bluetooth speaker, allowing users to stream music, and appears more like an audio speaker and less like a security device.

In addition to the camera’s enhanced appearance, versatility, and wide field of vision, which allows customers to cover larger spaces with a single camera and capture details in high definition, the camera’s full capabilities include:

  •     ability to integrate with comprehensive smart home and security systems, including the Alert 360 app or Alert 360 Video app
  •     Wi-Fi connectivity
  •     Bluetooth music streaming for robust and clear audio
  •     1080P recording quality, with two-way voice
  •     digital pan functionality
  •     infrared night vision range of up to 15 feet
  •     low-light sensitivity
  •     ability to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness of images
  •     an easy-to-access push to call button, which allows someone near the camera to have a video call with a person using the camera app

Using this connected, smart camera, Alert 360 customers can view live feed from their tablets, smart phones, and other connected devices from the comfort of home, across town or across the country. Its most popular mobile features:

  •     alert you that motion is detected and send a video clip so you’ll know as soon as your children arrive home or a dog accesses an area that’s off limits;
  •     provide automatic and triggered recordings based on your personal settings. If integrated with your smart home, for example, you can specify recordings based on activity such as the front doorbell video camera or garage door opening;
  •     provide a visual of what caused an alarm or alert; and
  •     allow users to speak to anyone in the vicinity of the camera.

“At Alert 360, we strive to continually upgrade the security and smart home options we offer new and existing customers, with the goal of increasing overall security and convenience through advanced features as well as product design,” said Richard Ginsburg, President and CEO of Alert 360. “Our latest 180-degree video security camera provides that added level of visual security at the same time it provides speaker and two-way voice capabilities in an attractive, modern device.”

The camera’s specifications include:

  •     A camera lens rated at 1.62mm F2.3
  •     Measurements of 3.125″L x 3.125″W x 5.2″H
  •     The ability to communicate over 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz WIFI or hardwired ethernet connection

Along with professional installation and 24/7 monitoring from a UL Listed center, overall, smart video cameras provide increased security and awareness inside or outside your property, helping to address property crime, theft of deliveries, and residential or commercial break-ins. When connected to a complete smart home security or home automation system, these security cameras provide even more powerful crime prevention plus everyday convenience for busy families and small business owners.

The security camera’s ability to communicate with other connected smart home devices – such as smart keyless locks, motion detectors, front doorbell video camera, sprinkler systems, and more – provide peace of mind and critical details throughout every day and during potential emergencies, criminal activity or investigations.

Combined with the free and recently upgraded Alert 360 app or Alert 360 Video app, Alerts 360’s variety of video security options provide ultimate convenience, control, protection, and peace of mind in home or business security.

“The monitored security industry is rapidly changing along with the mobile and IoT world,” said Duane Dietrich, Alert 360’s Director of Information Technology. “We’re excited to work with talented, technology and security vendors who understand the needs of today’s home and small business owners and help design smart devices that keep families safer and make lives easier. Our Alert 360 security products and services line will continue to evolve and grow to meet the needs of our current and future smart home customers.”

The company’s services include Alert 360® interactive security, home automation, smart home video, remote access, energy management solutions, 24/7 alarm monitoring, plus professional installation or integration of connected devices that include sprinkler systems, thermostats, sound systems, Amazon Echo, Google Home and more. The company also offers a leading Authorized Dealer program. Learn more at

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Founded in 1973 in Tulsa, Okla., and evolving from Guardian Security Systems and Central Security Group, Alert 360 is one of the nation’s oldest-licensed alarm monitoring providers. Today, the company is the fifth largest provider of monitored security and smart home solutions to homes in the United States. Alert 360 operates a monitoring and customer service center in Tulsa, Okla., and has offices in 16 cities. The company has achieved Five Diamond alarm monitoring designation and also has been named a 2016 Inc. 5000 “Fastest-Growing Privately Held Company in America” and a “Best Places to Work in Oklahoma” in 2016, 2017 and 2018.