An integrated home security system is one that uses a combination of security products such as glass break and window sensors, motion detectors, access control, home automation, security cameras, 24/7 alarm monitoring to decrease risk.

Security systems have evolved far beyond a simple door contact that detects intrusion. Home security options now include security cameras, doorbell cameras, cameras with two-way voice, smart lighting, energy management, and more. There’s also the option to control and monitor your home security or business security system using a mobile app. Working together, these components and others create an integrated home security system and increase benefits your whole family will enjoy.

An Integrated Security System Covers all your Bases

You’re probably familiar with how a basic home security system works. If someone enters through a protected entrance when your system is armed, your alarm system sounds and your alarm monitoring center receives a notification. An integrated home security system does so much more to protect your home and make your life easier. It includes devices that let you view areas of your home and receive important notifications that you set, such as when a child arrives home. There are options to add home automation devices, lights, locks and more. With today’s integrated home security systems, you also gain the ability to remotely control and easily monitor your system from your smartphone. Beyond the basic system components, the following security system devices work double-duty protecting home, family or business:

Home security cameras – Home security cameras eliminate guessing and enhance your ability to know what’s happening when you’re away. Today’s security camera systems include HD, indoor/outdoor options that also record footage and send video clips directly to you. Home security cameras go a long way in preventing crime. Security camera recordings and clips are handy if a crime has been committed.

A video doorbell camera – A front porch doorbell camera alerts you when someone approaches your door. Then, using a handy app, you can see and talk to anyone who stops by. If it appears the visitor has ill intentions, such as stealing a package, you’ll be able to quickly notify authorities. The doorbell camera and other security cameras on your property can also capture helpful images.

Smart lighting – A basic security system, including a yard sign that proves your home is monitored, helps prevent a home break-in. An integrated security system, with smart lighting you also control via mobile app, can increase your home’s overall security. Turn lights on or off remotely so that your home appears occupied. Or, adjust lighting before you arrive home so you enjoy a safe entry.

Smart keyless locks – It happens. Someone forgets to lock a door in the hurry to work or school. Or, a teen forgets his or her key. Including smart locks as part of your automated home and security system adds welcome convenience. Lock or unlock doors for family members or check to make sure your home is secure – all using a mobile app.

Monitored heat and carbon monoxide detection – These detectors are no brainers. An early alert to smoke, heat or dangerous levels of carbon monoxide are critical to saving lives. Also, monitored detectors ensure that proper emergency personnel are alerted even if you can’t get to the phone or aren’t home, saving family, property, and pets.

Water and temperature change detection – These security system options are especially handy if you travel often, have a second home or items that can be damaged by water or extreme temperature changes. It’s easy enough to add these to your home security system and enjoy the same 24/7 monitoring and convenient alerts that help save valuable time and property.

Mobile app control – The ability to control, monitor, and view home security and automated devices from almost anywhere delivers awareness and true peace of mind. A home security system with a mobile app option provides these benefits. And, you can enjoy this control from your office, a vacation spot, or even within your own home. A home security mobile app will often let you adjust everything from your alarm system and lighting to your smart thermostat, locks and more.

Add Home Automation to Your Home Security System

On top of the above security features, you can include home automation features and connected devices such as sprinkler systems, sound systems, Amazon Echo, Google Home, and others. Together, a security system with home automation features boosts your ability to care for and protect your home and adds convenience to your life.

If you already have a home security system, you’re in a good position to beef up safety with integrated security devices. These components create a multi-layered system that goes beyond basic home security and creates a total smart, connected, secure home. With professional, around-the-clock monitoring also on your side, you can rest easy, knowing your family and property are safer. Learn how you can increase safety and convenience with the latest home security and home automation options, at

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