At Alert 360, we don’t take a break for the holidays or new year. As we celebrate the new year, we offer these tips for staying safe when returning gifts or spending gift cards. With the holidays winding down, it’s a time to enjoy but also keep home security and personal safety top of mind. Following these easy security tips helps ensure you have a great start to the new year.

New Year Home Security and Secure Shopping Tips

Most security steps are common sense, but it’s easy to become relaxed in the excitement of the new year. Return gifts, run errands and spend gift cards or holiday cash worry-free with the below suggestions. When heading to your local stores or returning items online:

Review our home security tips on package delivery safety for items you are returning or receiving online. Find out how to combat porch package thieves here.

When returning items in person or shopping locally, park in well-lit areas close to your destination.

Avoid shopping alone, but if you do, watch for safe groups to walk out with or ask security for an escort to your car. Carry your keys in your hand to use as a weapon if necessary. Avoid being distracted by talking on your cell phone or digging for your keys while walking.

Always lock your vehicle.

Teenagers also out and about? Check that they locked your home’s doors or closed the garage, using your home security automation system.

Or, receive alerts when they arrive home safely so you can shop in peace, without worry.

Be aware of your surroundings and don’t carry so many packages or bags that you can’t see or react if needed.

Avoid leaving purchases in plain sight within your vehicle. If you must store them and go back into the store, move your vehicle to a new spot. Moving your car helps in case someone is watching for shoppers to leave items and return to the store.

Relax, but keep an eye on home while away so you don’t feel rushed to return. It’s easy with today’s wireless home security systems, doorbell cameras and a security mobile app. Learn more below.

When in doubt, leave valuables, debit cards, or credit cards you won’t be using safely at home. Your vehicle’s trunk is not the best place to leave a purse or these items. If someone can get into your vehicle, they can access the trunk.

Store electronic devices and valuables out of sight, including any power cables or mounts. This eliminates clues that a device is hidden in your car.

Remove valuable information from your glove compartment, such as insurance papers with your home address and a garage door opener. Most insurance information can be stored or access on your phone if needed.

Pick restrooms in well-lit and well-trafficked areas of the mall. Always accompany children and the elderly to the restroom.

Always know where the closest exit is located in case of fire or another emergency.

Attract attention by talking loudly or yelling if you are approached by a stranger. Then, return to the store and alert an employee.

Avoid leaving a purse in a shopping cart, which you might step or turn away from often. Keep your purse on you and closed so that others can’t have easy access if you are distracted.

Make home and personal security a priority in 2020 and beyond. Find out how in our previous blog Make Home Security a Top New Year’s Resolution!

Don’t Overlook Home Security when Shopping

Thieves are still watching for valuable holiday gifts, deliveries, and empty homes. If you have a monitored home security system, always arm it when you leave. Thieves are on high alert and you should be too.

Use your home security cameras and a doorbell camera to stay connected to home and aware. Keep an eye on teenagers, pets or elderly parents you leave at home while you’re out and about.

Remember, too, that arming your home security system protects against more than break-ins and can alert you and authorities to fire, smoke and carbon monoxide emergencies as well. Review our recent blog on holiday home security tips for more ideas.

Home Security for the New Year and Beyond

At Alert 360, we wish you peace of mind throughout the new year. If we can help increase your family’s and home’s security, we’re just a phone call away and have a local office nearby. Check for our current home security system specials, find us in the following cities, and contact us for a free home security evaluation.

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