We all know that Santa visits every year, and on Christmas morning the empty plate of cookies and a note from the big guy himself makes it all the more special. Create true magic for your children this Christmas and capture an image of Santa in your home, using your Alert 360 home security camera and security mobile app. Starting mid-December through December 26th, your customers can easily:

It’s easy to catch Santa in the act! Here’s how to set up your Santa Security Camera:

1: Open your Alert 360 app. Select a live video feed from a compatible Alert 360 security camera in your home. Note: You’ll need the latest version of the Alert 360 app, and a compatible Alert 360 home security camera*.

2: Tap the Santa icon in the security camera video feed to get a still image from your home security camera.

3: Choose a Santa from the menu to add to your snapshot. You can choose from a full-color image of Santa for a daytime snapshot and black-and-white options for night. You also can resize and move Santa.

4: Give them the gift of Santa. When your children wake you up on Christmas morning, show them your home security camera image of Santa.

5: Share the magic! Share your Santa images with family and friends by email, text and social media (hashtag: #Alert360Santa).

To use Santa Security your customers must have the latest version of the mobile app and one of the following compatible cameras: ADC-V520, ADC-V520IR, ADC-V521IR, ADC-V522IR, ADC-V622, ADC-V722W, ADC-V523, ADC-V723, ADC-VC726, ADC-VC736, ADC-VC826 or ADC-VC836.

*To confirm your video security camera is compatible with Santa Security, open your Alert360.com app and look for the Santa icon in the top right corner of the camera’s live video feed. All compatible cameras will show this icon.

Capturing Santa on your home security camera is available until December 26th. For more information, contact Alert360.com or see full details on how to add Santa: https://alarm.com/resources/santa-alert.