Holiday Home Security Tips to Protect Your Home, Family.

While the holidays can be an opportune time for break-ins, there are simple home security tips that will protect your home and prevent theft. From porch pirates that steal packages from your front porch to thieves that wait for empty homes, it’s easy to become a target for a home burglary. It doesn’t have to be hard to secure your valuables and property. Alert 360 suggests these top home security tips for preventing break-ins and securing home and family this holiday season.

Use Smart Lighting to Light up your Home

Illuminate your home with smart lighting, which you can control with a mobile security app. A well-lit property makes it easier to spot unwelcome visitors and makes your home less attractive to burglars. Alert 360’s top home security tips for the holidays also include using motion lights outside and smart home automation to turn indoor and outdoor lights on and off whether you are home or not.

Make your Home Appear Occupied to Deter Thieves

As with smart lighting, this is easy enough to do with a home automation system that you can remotely control. Use your home security system’s mobile app to turn lights and entertainment systems on or off. Depending on where you live, set your home automation system to run your connected sprinklers at various times of the day or week.

We also suggest placing a hold on your mail with the Post Office or have a trusted friend or neighbor pick up mail and deliveries. Using a video doorbell camera to know when a package arrives and alerting your friend to retrieve it is another option. Also, avoid parking your car in the driveway to sit for days and don’t store valuables or items, such as a garage door opener, in the vehicle.

Install the Best Front Door Security Devices and a Doorbell Camera

To start, install deadbolt locks on all exterior entrances, including those to the garage. Even better, consider installing smart locks that you can control via mobile app, along with a doorbell camera. A doorbell camera will alert you when someone visits your front door and allows you to speak to them or save and share video clips.

Don’t Overlook Simple Home Security Steps

The easiest home security steps go a long way in protecting your home from a break-in. Make sure all doors and windows are locked, including any upstairs. Don’t hide a spare key outside, which burglars know to look for. Instead, keep a spare key with a trusted neighbor or install keyless entry and smart locks. Don’t advertise that you are away from home on social media, and ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your home.

You should also avoid displaying gifts where they can easily be seen through windows. In addition, be careful when disposing of product packaging at the curb, so that you aren’t “advertising” recent, big ticket purchases, such as TVs, etc.

A Security System is the Best Holiday Gift

A monitored home security system with home automation options provides true peace of mind when you’re away. The latest home security systems pull double-duty and lend a hand through easy, remote control from an app. Let house sitters in or out, turn lights on or off, confirm the garage door got closed, and check-in via security cameras. Professional alarm monitoring also ensures help is on the way or authorities are alerted if there’s a break-in or emergency such as high levels of carbon monoxide or smoke in your home.

Home Security Delivers True Holiday Peace of Mind

It’s true peace of mind for the holiday season: Today’s home security and home automation systems allow you to leave home without worry that you left a door open or unlocked. A home security system, with mobile app control and home security cameras, eliminates worry about an elderly pet or older teenager you left at home. Mobile app control provides assurance and convenience during the holidays and year-round. Your security system and these basic home security tips allow you to leave home worry-free, check in if needed, and return to a comfortable, secure home.

To make the most of your home security system, be sure to test your system monthly to ensure it is working properly before an emergency occurs. If you haven’t recently, ask your local home security company for a free consultation to ensure you have the latest features that offer the most convenience and security.

From all of us at Alert 360 home security, we wish you the happiest and safest of holiday seasons!

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