Top-rated home security company Alert 360 shares easy security tips for keeping home, family safe

Alert 360, a leading home security and home automation company, suggests avoiding the following top home security mistakes. These costly mistakes can make your home and family vulnerable to break-ins and theft.

Leaving the garage door open – Thieves look for an easy opportunity. Leaving a garage door open – even if you’re in the back yard or inside your home – provides thieves a chance to quickly grab valuables or enter your home. It’s also common to forget to close a garage door when you’re leaving home and have a lot on your mind.

Today’s smart home security technology can lend a hand and alert you to open doors. Keep your garage doors closed or use a home security system, location-based Geo-Services, and smart technology to close garage doors if you’ve left them open. Alert 360 suggests an opener such as the MyQ smart garage door opener. Smart garage doors allow you to remotely check using a mobile app if the garage door was left open. The MyQ opener also allows you to close your garage door if needed – or grant access to someone who needs into the garage when you are away.

Leaving doors unlocked – Even the safest neighborhoods experience theft and break-ins. Similar to leaving garage doors open, leaving a door unlocked is inviting a crime of opportunity. Valuables, such as laptops, cell phones, and smart devices are easy to take almost unnoticed. Experienced thieves are on the lookout for quick entry and unsuspecting homeowners that make effortless targets.

Alert 360 home security professionals encourage you to always lock your doors even when you’re home. Use your home security and home automation system, including smart locks and mobile app alerts, to lock doors remotely if needed. At Alert 360, we recommend a security check before you leave home, ensuring that all doors and windows, even upstairs, are locked.

Hiding a spare key outside – Thieves know all the places to check for a spare key hidden outside. Instead of hiding one, Alert 360 suggests keeping a spare key with a trusted neighbor or nearby friend. Keyless entry or smart locks that you can control via a home security mobile app are also handy especially for families with teenagers who come and go often.

Ignoring front-door security and vulnerability – One of the most popular points of entry for thieves is the front door. If it’s left unlocked, or if the doorframe and locks are vulnerable, thieves will often use this door for access. Make sure your doorframe is properly reinforced, that you use a deadbolt or smart lock, and consider a front doorbell camera. It’s also a good idea to cut trees or shrubs away from the front door – and install smart or motion lighting – to eliminate hiding places for thieves.

Not arming your home alarm system – Similar to locking your doors, this one seems obvious but is often overlooked. It’s a fact that homes with an alarm system are less likely to experience a break-in. Arming your home security system goes a long way in preventing theft, capturing thieves on cameras, or scaring them away sooner. A professionally monitored home security system can also protect your home against costly water damage, dangerous temperature changes, and smoke or carbon monoxide emergencies.

Using the same password for all devices – If even one company you use is hacked and experiences a data breach, your information is vulnerable, along with any devices or accounts with similar login information. Alert 360 recommends using complex passwords and varying login information for all your devices and accounts.

Leaving valuables in a car parked outside a secure garage – Families don’t always have room for all vehicles to fit in their garages. Unfortunately, thieves who roam at night consider these prime targets and look for valuables left in the cars. If you can’t park a car in a secure garage, be sure to remove any valuables, including garage door openers, from the vehicle.

Consider adding motion lights, smart lighting, and a home security camera that covers the area where you park. Alert 360 recommends a home security system, including outdoor security cameras, that sends alerts to your mobile device. These home security devices and security alerts can notify you to activity around your home so that you can act quickly if someone approaches your property.

The appearance of an unoccupied home – There’s little more inviting to a thief than a dark home that appears empty. It’s easy enough to create the appearance that someone is home by using smart lighting, motion lights, and other home automation devices. Outdoor lighting helps prevent dark, hiding places, and today’s home security and home automation systems allow homeowners to remotely control lights, locks, and home entertainment systems. With a doorbell camera, you can see and speak to whoever visits your front porch. This combined with the above steps, such as locking your doors, will go a long way in protecting your home from being a target of a break-in.

The majority of homeowners worry more about these home security missteps when they leave home for vacation. These straightforward home security steps and general awareness help whether you are across town, at work, or far away on vacation.

“Unfortunately, homeowners often call us after a break-in, to install a security system and smart devices they can control using a mobile app. With close to 50 years of company experience, we know the many ways families can experience theft or property damage and how thieves often work to obtain valuables,” said Richard Ginsburg, president and CEO of Alert 360. “Our local home security professionals and home security systems can help avoid these common home security mistakes and prevent costly damage to homes. We also recommend these simple home security measures families can take to protect their properties. These smart security steps will go a long way in securing homes and valuables.

“At Alert 360, we also understand how simple and cost-effective adding a home security system can be and how it eliminates worry about home security. Today’s home security systems, with mobile app control, offer peace of mind beyond home security, said Richard Ginsburg, president and CEO of Alert 360. “Door alerts and home security cameras help you know kids arrived home safely. Access control protects sensitive areas, such as swimming pools or gun safes. Smart locks prevent worry that you left a door open or unlocked. The latest wireless home security and home automation systems by Alert 360 provide an abundance of ways to achieve invaluable peace of mind. We’re happy to provide free security consultations and help design a security system based on a family’s needs, routines, and budget.”

Alert 360’s full line of home security, business security, energy management, and home automation services include wireless, interactive security, a free mobile app, wireless home security cameras, HD video surveillance, access control, smart thermostats, water leak detection devices, doorbell cameras, monitored heat and carbon monoxide detectors and more. Alert 360 also provides professional installation or integration of smart home devices, such as sprinkler systems, sound systems, Amazon Echo and Google Home.

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