Operating a small business can be both rewarding and stressful. At Alert 360, we understand that your business security and automation system plays a critical role in protecting all you’ve worked so hard for and more.

As a busy manager or business owner, you can’t be in all places at once. We know that your business security system, security cameras, remote access and more help your business run smoothly while you’re on site. Your smart business security system and business automation devices also are tremendously helpful when your business is closed or you’re away.

Make sure you’re taking advantage of all the benefits and features of your business security system especially when you can’t be there. Specific ways business owners we know use their security systems to protect their businesses and stay connected include:

Using smart locks for peace of mind, convenience

Our commercial-grade smart door locks help keep offices, storerooms, and delivery doors secure and accessible. Most business owners assign unique lock codes for employees as part of tracking business insights (see below). Smart locks also allow business owners to remotely lock and unlock doors for staff and deliveries, saving time and travel.

Taking advantage of remote access control

Like smart locks, a security system with access control helps you manage employee permissions for access points at multiple locations. Your Alert 360 access control options allow you to quickly add or delete users, restrict entry to sensitive areas, and receive notifications when select areas have been accessed.

Keep an eye on your business with video security cameras

It’s comforting and helpful to be able to watch live-streaming and recorded HD video from your business security cameras using your Alert 360 mobile app. For Alert 360 customers who use our convenient business reporting dashboard, you can view multiple locations in one dashboard and jump to a specific video clip if you’re looking for something specific.

Businesses with security cameras are much less likely to be broken into or receive damage. Business owners also find security camera footage helpful in reducing liability, lowering insurance premiums, and keeping employees safe. Review our previous blog for more features and benefits of our business security cameras:

2020 Guide to Security Cameras for Home and Business

Staying aware using image sensors

At Alert 360, we offer image sensors that snap a picture when motion is detected. Image sensors as part of a complete business security system alert you to movement, such as when someone enters the office or moves behind a counter. Image sensors increase knowledge of what’s happening at your business and can help identify if something is amiss or needs attention. Image sensors provide an added sense of security for employees working alone plus valuable security footage if there’s a break-in after hours.

Maintaining a well-lit business with smart security lighting

Many of our business security clients find it helpful to automate lights both during business hours and after. Proper lighting can keep staff and visitors safe, and illuminating your office after hours increases security. It’s easy enough to either automate or remotely control your lighting using your Alert 360 mobile app. Be sure to adjust your lighting schedule if your hours of operation have changed.

Automating a smart thermostat to control energy use

Many businesses connect their smart thermostat to their security system to receive optimum energy management. When your security system and thermostat work together, the system is more responsive and can help reduce energy use and lower energy bills. Be sure to set notifications for if settings are changed or temperature exceeds a preset threshold and threatens valuable inventory.

At Alert 360, we provide the ability to remotely control and monitor thermostats across multiple locations. This includes the ability to customize schedules and create ideal environments inside your workplace. You can also automatically adjust the temperature when your security system is armed or disarmed.

Staying aware using Alert 360 Smart Business Reporting

Business owners with an Alert 360 business security system can view critical information that helps them run their business more effectively and efficiently. Our Smart Business Reporting provides activity trends at a glance that can help make smart decisions on staffing, hours, energy use and more. This reporting feature can also alert you to unexpected activity at one or many business locations. For example, you can set reminders or custom notifications when a door is left open or someone enters or exits at an unusual time. Reporting allows you to track open and close times and identify peak periods of customer traffic.

Business Security Systems Make Remote Operations, Security Easier

Business security systems make it easier than ever to remotely monitor and protect your business, inventory, employees, and deliveries. The right security system can save unnecessary trips back and forth to a location while still providing insight and access.

From security surveillance cameras to smart automation for lights and energy management, business owners enjoy complete control, using a smartphone, tablet or desktop. A business security system helps address common concerns of business owners, including remote access control, theft, liability or customer flow.

Additional features of most business security systems include alarm sensors, 24/7 professional alarm monitoring, water leak detection, smoke and carbon monoxide detection, live and recorded video surveillance systems and more. Professional alarm monitoring provides extra peace of mind for business owners, knowing emergency personnel will be notified quickly during an emergency.

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