Thwart Package Theft with an Alert 360 Home Security System and a Top-Rated Video Doorbell Camera

Unfortunately, porch piracy remains big news and an even bigger problem for many homeowners. A recent study reports that nearly 40 percent of consumers have been victims of package theft. Of those, 44 percent have had a package stolen at least twice. Fortunately, there are easy home security steps that help prevent your packages from being stolen.

Tips to Protect Home Deliveries

At Alert 360, we know that the first step to protecting valuable deliveries from theft is to be aware that it can happen. Then, take action to increase front porch security and prevent it. Following are tips we suggest for preventing package theft from your porch and protecting valuable deliveries:

• Track the delivery closely so that you know when it’s on its way.
• If possible, have packages delivered to your office or another, safer location, such as a P.O. Box, a UPS or FedEx pick-up spot, or Amazon locker.
• Require a signature for all deliveries or high-dollar items.
• Use your video doorbell camera and home security system to receive notifications when a package is delivered or someone visits your porch. The doorbell camera allows you to keep an eye on the package. A two-way voice doorbell also allows you to speak to anyone who comes to your front door.
• Stay home for the delivery or have it sent to a friend or family member who is home.
• Consider installing a secure delivery box at your home. Or, have the delivery service safely place the package inside, with help from your home security system, smart locks and security cameras.
• Provide instructions, such as “hide behind the chair on the “porch” or “place inside the door.”

Most Popular Step to Prevent Package Theft

According to the study, of those who had packages stolen, the most popular measure taken to prevent it again and beef up home security is by installing a professional-grade doorbell camera.

At Alert 360, our top-rated video doorbell cameras allow homeowners to monitor their front entries 24/7 with up to 1080p and 5x zoom! Our superior professional-grade video doorbell camera will send immediate alerts when your front door is approached. It also allows you to speak to front porch visitors with two-way voice and record high-quality full color video footage to deter or catch thieves.

An Alert 360 video doorbell camera alerts you to a person or delivery even without them pressing the doorbell! Our smart home security system with a video doorbell camera and keyless locks, allows you to remotely unlock the door so that a delivery driver can place the item safely inside. A home security system that also includes our smart keyless lock(s) offers the ability to unlock and relock the door remotely once the delivery has been made.

Our doorbell camera increases overall security after dark as well with color night vision! When combined with home security and automation system, homeowners can also turn porch lights on and off when someone approaches.
Overall, a doorbell camera and integrated home security system from Alert 360 delivers increased security and valuable peace of mind by securing your home and family. For tips on installing the best home security system for you, check out our recent blog “Things to Consider When Buying a Home Security System.”

Protection from Package Thieves and More

With more and more deliveries being made to homes, thieves know the opportunity to steal items has increased. With the COVID-19 pandemic and back-to-school shopping driving more home deliveries, it’s now more important than ever to have a plan to prevent stolen packages. Use these measures to protect deliveries and enjoy safe, online shopping all year round.

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