Enjoy savings from insurance discounts, security cameras, smart thermostats and more!

New year’s resolutions remain popular as a way to kick start positive habits. Steps toward improving personal health and finances are often at the top of the resolution lists. At Alert 360, we understand the tremendous peace of mind and convenience a security system provides. We also know that a security system and smart devices can lend a hand in saving money all year long. If you’re searching for easy ways to save money in the new year using your security and smart home system, we can help.

We suggest you don’t overlook the easy ways to save money at home using your security and smart home automation systems. A monitored security system; smart thermostats; monitored smoke, fire, carbon monoxide and water leak detectors; security cameras; smart video doorbells and insurance premium discounts top the list of ways to save money.

Specifically, the following are several, easy ways security system and smart home devices can help save you money:

Cut costs, curb energy use with smart home automation devices

While millions of homeowners have enjoyed monitored security systems for decades, home automation systems have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. Home automation technology allows homeowners to enjoy the convenience and money-saving features of modernizing a home. Like a home security system, with time, a home automation system often pays for itself through energy savings.

Today’s alarm systems include more complex technology behind the scenes but remain simple in the ways they help save money. At Alert 360, our home security systems connect to our smart home devices. Both home security and home automation have advanced to include remote control via a mobile app. This allows homeowners more control over their home environment and energy use. Whether you automate your lights and smart thermostat or control them remotely, the savings add up.

The bottom line: A home automation system can save you time, money, and stress. Home automation systems turn your home into a smart home and create real convenience and savings. But the savings don’t end there. Following are more ways to save money at home using your security system or connected smart devices.

Receive a discount on your insurance premium

Many home insurance providers offer a discount on their insurance premiums if you have a professionally monitored security system. You’ll want to check with your home insurance provider, but the average premium discount for a home equipped with an alarm system can typically save up to 10% off of your homeowner’s insurance policy.

There’s a good reason why your insurance company wants to reward you for protecting your home. Researchers have found that a single-family home protected by a burglar alarm is 60 percent less likely to suffer a home invasion or break-in. In general, anti-theft technology has proved to reduce crime. In addition to receiving a discount on your home insurance premium, think of the time, money and headache you’ll save by preventing theft or damage in the first place.

Studies also show that most theft and break-ins occur at your front door. So, let’s start by looking at how to reduce loss and save valuables (i.e., money) there.

Install security cameras to protect valuables and deliveries from theft

Security cameras, including a front door camera, help monitor your property and alert you to unwanted visitors or activity. Alert 360’s newest video doorbell, the Alert 360 Smart Video Doorbell 2.0, provides the latest in video analytics, more useful alerts, and 150-degree, HD viewing. Keeping an eye on your property, especially your front porch, allows you to know when important packages are delivered and to secure them faster. Seeing who visits your property can help identify a neighborhood thief before costly items go missing.

While home or business break-ins are costly, water leaks, fire, carbon monoxide, and extreme temperature changes also threaten lives and property. An Alert 360 home or business security system can help reduce these costly threats as well.

Install monitored smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide detectors

Smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detectors help alert you to dangerous levels of these elements. When these life-safety devices are professionally monitored by a security company, emergency personnel can be dispatched even if you aren’t home or can’t get to a phone. Early detection of these life-threatening situations helps prevent death and protect property, saving loved ones and money.

Reduce property damage with monitored water leak detectors

Property damage from water leaks is an especially costly event. Water damage is a major factor in homeowner insurance claims. According to the Insurance Information Institute, water was the third-leading cause of claims from 2012-2016 with an average of $9,633 per claim. Water damage and freezing was the second most frequent claim after wind and hail damage. Monitored water leak detectors that give you early warning go a long way in preventing damaging levels of water in your home – and help prevent expensive insurance claims.

At Alert 360, we understand the stress and sadness surrounding damage to your home, medical emergencies, and loss of valuables. Every day, we work to help alert homeowners and emergency personnel in advance of severe damage or worse. We extend that help further when it comes to your insurance deductible. In the event you suffer loss due to fire or a break-in, Alert 360 can also help with your insurance deductible under certain conditions, which leads to our next tip.

Ask if your home security system provider offers an insurance deductible benefit

At Alert 360, we’ll also pay your insurance deductible up to $1,360, probably the highest of any security company, in the event of a loss due to fire or burglary while being monitored. Details and conditions apply. Learn more about this Alert 360 benefit on our security system support page.

Use smart thermostats to save energy, money

Lastly, one of the easiest ways to reduce your electric bill and lower energy costs is by installing a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat as part of your home security and smart home allows you to automatically set your thermostat back when you’re not home or adjust it remotely if needed. A smart thermostat can also alert you to extreme temperature changes, helping protect sensitive valuables or warn of a potential threat to your home.

At Alert 360, we also offer Geo-Services that automatically adjust your lights and thermostat based on your location. In addition to increasing security and comfort, both automating or adjusting lights and thermostats can help lower energy use and save money.

Use these Home Security and Smart Home Tips to Save Money all Year

Your home security system can help save you headaches and money. When combined with a smart home automation system, the savings only increase. These savings can be found through preventing property damage and costly break-ins as well as receiving early alerts to fire or water leaks.

At Alert 360, we offer additional, money-saving benefits. Pic one of our home security packages and save up to 25% off retail!

If you’re considering installing a home or business security system, ask your local home security company what benefits it offers. If your home or business already has a monitored alarm system, ask for a free security evaluation to identify ways you can cut energy costs or save money through home automation.

Free Home Security Evaluations Available

Alert 360 offers free home security evaluations to help identify ways to increase your home and family’s security. A trained Alert 360 security professional will perform a walk-thru inside and outside your home to check for vulnerable areas. From a basic home security system to a comprehensive system, including smart home automation, Alert 360 has the latest security devices to help save you money and worry. With offices coast-to-coast, chances are we’re in your neighborhood. Find a local Alert 360 home security team near you by visiting Alert360.com or our locations page.