Everyone from celebrities to small business owners in the Los Angeles area is no stranger to crime rate and activity. Daily crime ranges from home invasions, smash and grabs, vandalism, break-ins, armed robberies and more. Unfortunately, with rising prices and general unrest, criminals are becoming bolder and smarter in their approach to crime. It’s not unusual for news reports to include shocking robberies that occur even in broad daylight, in busy residential or business areas. As a result, home security companies in the Los Angeles area have stepped up to offer advanced, innovative security solutions. So, what are the best ways to improve security for yourself, your loved ones, and your property? According to experts, the perfect place to start is with a custom home security system with security cameras. In conjunction with an alarm system, patrol services and video monitoring add an important layer of protection for high-end residential areas. The presence of a patrol service and security cameras also extend security throughout a neighborhood to include local businesses.

Most home and business owners are familiar with basic home security systems and business security solutions. These often include intrusion detection, glass break detectors, interior motion detectors, monitored fire detectors and front-door security doorbell cameras. While these security devices help protect a home or business in most cases, more advanced and personal security options are becoming necessary. The alarm monitoring and security services industry has had years of experience in staying on top of crime trends. With advancing technology, security devices have gotten smarter and easier to install and operate. Security and automation systems are now easily controlled via a cell phone, keeping home and business owners connected and aware 24/7. In addition, security solutions such as remote video monitoring services have become common. Both live and remote video surveillance means help can arrive faster. Other benefits of security videos include an extra eye on your property when you aren’t there or are short staffed. Video records also help if a crime is committed and with insurance claims.

Security experts, such as David Corio, Regional Vice President of ACS Security, remind residents that there are easy steps you can take to increase home security, business security, personal safety to decrease crime rate. With a focus on the Los Angeles area and offices in Bel Air and Chatsworth, Corio has worked with celebrities and high-end clients for more than 35 years. His team at ACS Security provides services ranging from the basic security systems to more advanced security, including armed patrol services. Corio also is a former Vice President of the Greater Los Angeles Alarm Security Association and the Los Angeles Burglar and Fire Alarm Association. Beyond working with a professional alarm monitoring company with a variety of security solutions, Corio says there are easy, practical steps to take to protect your personal safety and property. Basic security steps everyone should take include:

1) Limit sharing of personal or property details on social media
2) Don’t advertise extravagant jewelry purchases
3) Be aware of your surroundings when shopping in high-end areas
4) Remember that your vehicle can also signal wealth and make you a target
5) Aim for anonymity when purchasing high-end property so that you can’t be tracked
6) Work with professional security, real estate, and property management companies that understand the individual needs of affluent property owners
7) Consider safe rooms, escape plans, and reinforced areas in the case of a home invasion or armed robbery
8) Make perimeter safety and security a focus to keep criminals out of your home, office, and neighborhood
9) In addition to home security, local L.A.-based security companies provide business security systems that fit a variety of specific industries’ needs. Overworked and limited police forces, along with a surge in crime, have created a need for more unique security options. Obviously, most home and business owners have opted for custom security systems.

According to Corio, another popular option for preventing crime and increasing safety is professional live remote video monitoring. “The important thing to remember is that you have security options at all price points,” said Corio. “Obviously the more elaborate security system you install, the higher the cost. However, the savings created through a strong security plan and system outweigh monthly monitoring or surveillance costs, and the peace of mind is priceless.” With today’s wireless and remote security options, home and business owners also save time and worry. Most local security providers associated with a leading, national security provider, offer the widest range of options. These companies also have the experience and relationships with worldwide technology leaders. This means, you can shop for everything from home automation and life safety devices to the most advanced CCTV and more personal protection. By far, according to Corio, security guard and patrol services have become most popular among both home and business owners for their fast response and more personal protection.

Because of the unique security needs of the Los Angeles and Bel Air areas, companies like ACS and Alert 360, specialize in high-end custom Los Angeles home security systems, business security system installation, and monitoring. This includes custom solutions, such as high-end closed-circuit security cameras with digital recording equipment and outdoor perimeter alarm systems, with infra-red sensors. This also includes vacation watch services, with added protection while homeowners are away. In addition, full-service companies like ACS provide officers for security escorts. Security escorts are critical for individuals who need protection on their way home at night, following a divorce or threats, and when transporting valuable items. Services from ACS are backed by local, alarm monitoring, in Los Angeles. ASC Security is part of the Alert 360 family, a security company which provides national, award-winning alarm monitoring and security system services. Alert 360 has several branch offices in Anaheim; Corona; Fresno; Sacramento, and San Diego covering most of California. ACS and Alert 360 has a vast network and decades of experience, residents in and beyond the Los Angeles area benefit from a wide variety of security options.

“At Alert 360 and ACS Security, we have made it our mission to continuously address changing crime trends through advanced security,” said Richard Ginsburg, CEO of Alert 360 and ACS Security. “Because of our national reach, we’re able to work with security technology industry leaders to provide the latest in CCTV security cameras, custom security systems, live video monitoring and so much more. These services, coupled with our armed patrol guards, substantially increase security options, especially for those with unique threats and high-end assets to protect, including their lives.”

Security experts agree. Awareness of potential threats and vulnerable areas of your home, business, or routine, along with professional help, drastically reduces crime and loss. For the most sophisticated security camera systems and patrol services, look for an experienced, local, full-service security company. Most security providers offer a free security consultation to discuss your security needs, options, and price ranges. Securing your property and increasing life safety now will save time and headaches later, ensuring help will be there when you need it.

About Alert 360 and ACS Security

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As a premier home and business security provider since 1984, ACS Security offers comprehensive and customizable security services from one source. Based in Bel Air, Calif., ACS is one of the only local providers that monitors, dispatches, and responds to alarms. This means expedited service for the nearly 20,000 customers across more than 40 communities ACS serves in the Los Angeles area. Find out more at ACSSecurity.com.

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