With nearly 50 years of securing homes and businesses, Alert 360 shares our top 10 security ideas to keep you and your property safe while on vacation

As you’re preparing to hit the road this summer, don’t forget about the security of your home while you’re away. A good first step is understanding the facts behind home break-ins and the easy steps you can take to reduce theft. Unfortunately, a vacant home is appealing to thieves looking for an easy target. Considering many home break-ins are spur of the moment or crimes of opportunity, increasing your home’s security to reduce your chances of being a victim is the easiest way to protect your property. Local and top-rated provider of home security systems and more, Alert 360 offers these easy tips for helping to prevent crime at home while you are on vacation.

With nearly 50 years of experience installing and monitoring home and business security services, Alert 360’s team of local security professionals know all the best tips. Following are the top 10 ways you can secure your home while you’re on vacation or (just a way for the day). Top 10 security ideas:

1) Secure your front door. Many homeowners are surprised to learn that most home break-ins occur through the front door. An easy home security measure is to ensure your front door is fortified with a solid deadbolt lock. If your home is already protected by a home security system, including a video doorbell camera with two-way voice. This device helps identify when a visitor comes to the door and allows you to speak to them via a mobile app – whether you are upstairs or across the country.

2) Lock all windows and doors, including upstairs windows and those in or around garage entrances. It sounds simple, but just as with the front door, thieves will try all doors and windows, looking for an easy entrance. Deadbolt locks, security motion sensors, and intrusion detection devices increase security in these areas.

3) Communicate with a trusted neighbor. Let them know that you’ll be away and provide them with your contact information just in case. If you have a monitored security system, consider adding the neighbor to your contact list in the event of an alarm.

4) Identify your home’s vulnerable areas. These areas include hiding places, dark entrances, unlocked windows, and weak door locks. Alert 360, a local security system company will provide a free onsite or over the phone expert home security evaluation to pinpoint areas that can be better protected.

5) Create the appearance that you are home even when you’re away to help prevent home burglaries. Use home automation systems or remote-control lighting to adjust lights, including those outside. Home automation systems can also be used to control sprinkler systems outside and entertainment or sound systems inside.

6) Park vehicles in a secured garage and have your mail held at the post office. Be sure to also lock the door between your home and garage, using a deadbolt. This can be a common entrance for thieves in addition to the front door. Once inside the garage, thieves have more time and a place to hide while they collect your valuables. The more steps you take to limit access to your home or property the better.

7) Work with local home security companies like Alert 360. This national company has been providing advanced security services across the country, including many major U.S. areas. National security companies with a local presence can often provide more security options, advanced alarm monitoring, and the benefit of a local security team. Ask your local provider if it uses its own U.S.-based alarm monitoring center and how many years of experience it has. Be sure to check customer reviews and their rating with the Better Business Bureau as well.

8) Install keyless entry and smart locks. This ensures anyone needing to check on your home or a pet sitter can easily access your home without needing a key. Coupled with a video doorbell camera, you can even allow deliveries to be placed inside your home while you’re away, using a mobile app provided by your monitored alarm company.

9) Stay connected easily. If your alarm system or security cameras notify you that there’s an issue or someone is casing your home, touch base with a neighbor or the local police. Home or business security cameras are one of the most helpful tools in keeping neighborhoods and homes safer. Alarm companies that also provide recorded video clips can help with insurance claims and identifying area thieves.

10) Don’t forget other threats to your home, such as water leaks or extreme temperature changes. Alert 360 can also provide sensors for homes and businesses that monitor smoke, carbon dioxide, water leak detection or temperature notifications of extreme temperature changes, which can prevent costly property or inventory damage.

An added security tip especially for high-end areas is to check for special security services in your city. For example, some Los Angeles home security systems as well as services in other large California cities include private patrol options. Armed patrol services deliver fast response and extra peace of mind while you’re away. Security experts at ACS Security, for example, have worked with homeowners and celebrities in and around Los Angeles to provide this extra protection, which provides a more secure perimeter and response when local authorities are busy. Remote or live video monitoring includes similar benefits and offers an extra set of eyes on your home or business 24/7. Be sure to ask your home security provider if these are options they offer in your area.

Simple steps you can take without a security system go a long way in protecting your home or office. However, working with a professional alarm monitoring company provides the added benefits of a free security consultation, a discount on your insurance, video recording of crimes if needed, and faster response. We hope you enjoyed our top 10 security ideas!

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