Easily install electronic locks for your front door.

Looking to learn what all the buzz is around smart locks? Aside from upgrading to electronic locks for your front door, keypad systems are one of the best ways to go keyless while still safeguarding your property. The convenience, utility, ease of use, and overall value make smart locks an easy home automation upgrade to integrate.

But how exactly do smart-locks work? Here are a few of the most common questions about keypad locks and how they can help protect your home.

How Do Keyless Door Locks Work?

Instead of using a key to lock and unlock the door, a keypad door lock requires a numerical code to unlock the door. In commercial settings for protecting businesses, the keypad is positioned on the wall. However, in residential homes the keypad is positioned directly on the door. Usually it fits just above the handle where the deadbolt lock normally is.

Once the correct code is entered, the door lock or deadbolt releases, and there’s typically a single button to lock the door. Some keypad locks have a built-in security feature that keeps the door locked after multiple wrong attempts.

Most smart locks use batteries with interior accessibility for easy replacements. In other circumstances they may require a small amount of wiring to power the lock.

Benefits of Smart Locks

Electronic locks for your front door are more secure and reliable than traditional keyed deadbolt locks. Additionally, smart locks provide an abundance of other benefits.

Smart Home Integration

Adding smart locks to your list of home automation features make them an easy choice for any aspiring Smart Home. With direct connection to your Alert 360 home security app, you can easily lock and unlock your doors from anywhere. It’s not only a great alternative to just door codes, but can really come in handy in a pinch!

Keyless Convenience

The convenience of a keypad lock means there’s no need to carry, manage, or keep copies of any keys to your door. That means you never have to worry about forgetting your keys again! Plus you can create temporary codes for guests and workers to access your home without compromising your security.

And when it is time to change your locks, all you have to do is program a new code for entry. Forget the hassle of removing and reinstalling new deadbolts.

Improved Security

Keypad locks do not use traditional locking mechanisms. Without the mechanical key and tumbler system, keyless systems are unable to be picked or bumped like a traditional lock. This gives your home an added layer of security and protection from potential intruders.

Better Durability

Traditional locks wear down over time with constant usage. For instance, you may have had to jiggle the key a certain way to work properly. Keypads are more durable than conventional locks. And with the right quality, a keypad lock should last longer than standard hardware.

Easy Installation

Most keypad locks don’t require any adjustments to your door or frame. They are installed to any door just like a standard lock. If you are using a battery-powered lock, there is no additional wiring or required connection to a power source, which makes installation that much easier.

Potential Problems with Smart Locks

Keypad locks do provide a wide range of benefits, but there is always risk or potential problems in any security system. With proper planning and preventative measures, it’s possible to not let these problems affect your home.


It is possible to hack a keypad lock. Though it might not be as easy as movies might make it look.

The best way to protect yourself against hackers is to:

  • Choose complex passwords that are not easy to guess
  • Rotate your passwords frequently

And with Smart Home integration with your security system, you and the proper authorities can receive alerts with any repeated failed entry attempts. A good failsafe never hurts!

Human Error

Unfortunately, electronic door locks for your front door aren’t human proof. Just like you can forget your keys, or lock yourself out of your car, it’s possible to lock yourself out of your home if you forget your passcode or do not have access to your Smart Home app.

Some helpful tips about choosing a door code: 

  • Avoid writing your code down or storing it in your phone where it can be lost or stolen
  • Don’t pick simple numbers (avoid 1111 or 1234)
  • Avoid hackable personal number combinations like your birthday, phone number or social security

If you’re struggling to remember your code, there are better ways to remember them than by using one of these risky strategies. A better way to select and remember your code is by thinking of a shape or letter you can draw on the keypad.

Remembering the code 1793 might be difficult, but it’s easy to remember it as a square. The more creative and memorable the symbol is, the easier it can be to remember. For instance, 79426 is a smiley face, 1831 is a triangle, and 183791 is a star. Depending on your keypad and its layout, you can use your own creativity to help remember your code as a shape, symbol, or letter.

Power Failure

Batteries don’t last forever. And if you’re not proactive in replacing them, your lock might not lock when you’re leaving or won’t unlock when you return. Some smart locks do have a small backup power source, but it only lasts a certain timeframe, depending on your system.

Most systems can last multiple years on the same battery, so the easiest way to avoid power failure is to replace your batteries every year. Pick a memorable day like a birthday or holiday and set it as the day you always replace your batteries.

Quality Smart Security Tips and Solutions from Alert 360

Keypad door locks are safer than traditional deadbolt locks. Some brands even have locks that can be incorporated with your smart home system, allowing you access to check your lock and home security in real-time anywhere in the world.

And if you’re looking for more ways to keep yourself and your family safe, check out the home security and automation services from Alert 360. And when you’re ready to start building your custom system and plan, contact us and get a free quote fast! At Alert 360, we value our customer’s trust in us to protect their homes and businesses.

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