Dallas Home security company shares actual alarm events

Home and business owners across Dallas rely on professionally monitored business and home security systems to protect their families, employees, and valuables. As criminals have become more brazen, leading home security companies in Dallas, like Alert 360, have kept up with crime trends and responded with advanced security systems that help prevent loss and capture thieves. Remote video monitoring, video doorbells, and two-way voice cameras are just a few examples of advanced security options.

Additionally, statistics show that just the presence of a commercial or home security system reduces property crime. Thieves often move on to a building or home that doesn’t have a security sign posted. There also are countless examples of crimes prevented throughout Dallas because of custom security systems. Some of the most popular security options people choose are security cameras and live video monitoring. When viewed on camera, it’s more likely that the thieves will be apprehended, or property recovered. Most importantly, leading Dallas home security companies often provide life safety devices as well. These home security solutions save lives as shown in the following example.

Recently, one of the best Dallas home security companies, Alert 360, received a carbon monoxide alarm from a residential customer. When Alert 360 was unable to reach the customer, they immediately dispatched the local fire department to investigate. During a follow-up call with Alert 360, the customer shared that the fire department had discovered a carbon monoxide leak inside the home. When searching for “a security system company near me,” be sure to look for one that includes multiple life-safety options. Local Dallas home security providers, like Alert 360, include multiple monitored options that help keep families and employees safe. In addition to security cameras that monitor activity, devices such as panic alarms, carbon monoxide and heat or smoke detectors, and medical pendants are just a few options. Alert 360 also offers options that allow you to protect sensitive areas, such as liquor, gun, or medicine cabinets, and backyard areas with swimming pools.

Like most home security systems in Dallas, business alarms also protect valuable property. In another recent example, an Alert 360 video monitoring agent observed multiple cars approaching a protected location during the evening when the location should have been empty. A light-colored SUV attempted to back through the fence and into the building’s roll-up door, which fortunately, did not open. The Alert 360 agent witnessed the driver and another person exit the vehicle, wearing hoodies and masks, and attempt to pry open the door, unsuccessfully. The Alert 360 video monitoring agent contacted local police and gave live updates on the group’s actions as police responded. These actions led to the suspects fleeing the scene before causing any other property loss or damage.

Every day, Alert 360 responds to countless emergencies such as the above. To help save lives and property, security experts suggest starting with a local provider and a free security evaluation. An individualized evaluation from a Dallas home security system company will help determine how a custom security system can fit your needs and budget.

If you’re looking for more ways to keep yourself and your family safe, check out the home security and automation services from Alert 360. And when you’re ready to start building your custom system and plan, contact us and get a free quote fast! At Alert 360, we value our customer’s trust in us to protect their homes and businesses.

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