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Alert 360 HD Indoor Cameras

Alert 360 HD wireless cameras let you watch live video on your mobile device or computer no matter where you are. Check in on the daily things that you would otherwise miss, like the kids coming home from school or a new pet at home.

Live HD Video

Real-time HD quality and great lowlight performance make for crystal clear video. Use your smartphone or tablet to view live streaming video while away from your property.

Video Analytics

Get smarter video alerts on what’s most important to you. Video analytics distinguishes people from animals or vehicles and enhances perimeter security and property awareness. Get a video alert if someone lingers at your door, a car enters your driveway or your naughty pet jumps on the sofa.

Continuous Recording

Capture 24/7, high-definition, continuous recording with the Stream Video Recorder (SVR). The SVR is bandwidth optimized so it won’t slow your internet connection.

Smart Clips

Video cameras that coordinate with your security system? That’s smart. Get an automatic video clip when someone disarms the security system, unlocks the front door or sets off the alarm.

Two-Way Voice (Indoor Camera)

The Alert 360 HD wireless indoor camera has two-way voice capability, allowing you to communicate in real-time, using the Alert 360 app, with whoever is in the vicinity of the camera.

HD Quality

Alert 360 wireless cameras use H.264 video compression to deliver a high-quality recording of any video event. They also have a maximum picture resolution of 1920 x1080 and high-definition quality making sure you’ll be able to pick out detail in your videos.


Alert 360 Keyless Door Lock

The Alert 360 keyless door lock replaces your existing deadbolts, knobs, or levers, providing convenient code access to your home as well as entry door lock/unlock access through the Alert 360 app.

Access Control from Anywhere

Lock or unlock your entry door remotely with your Alert 360 app anytime, anywhere. Paired with an Alert 360 video doorbell or Alert 360 camera, verify who is at your door and provide access from wherever you are.

Secure Door Lock

Code lockout modes with tamper alerts provide extra protection. A fully gasket installation allows for outdoor protection from the elements.

Schedule Access Times

User codes make access easy—eliminating both the problem of spare keys and the need for you to remotely unlock your door. You can customize them so they only work at certain times of day (good for a dog-walker) or expire on a given date.

Automate Your Home with Scenes

The Alert 360 keyless door lock can use scenes to automate your home. Tapping your Home button as you arrive home can unlock your door and disarm your security system. Including the Sleep button in your bedtime routine can lock your doors and arm the system, as well as turn the thermostat down.

Real-Time Notifications

Your Alert 360 smart lock is a proactive defense against unlawful entry, triggering a smartphone reminder if you (or your family) leave home without locking up or haven’t locked up by a certain time of day.

Smart Touchless Control

With an Amazon Echo or Google Home device connected to your system, your Alert 360 door lock responds to your voice. You can “ask Alert 360” to lock your entry door.

Peace of Mind
Wherever you go.



  • Interactive home control
  • Five Diamond U.S. monitoring center
  • Secure cellular communicator
  • Z-Wave signal booster when required
  • WiFi signal booster when required
  • Yard sign & window decals
  • $1,360 insurance deductible
  • Competitive move program
  • Customer referral program
  • Peace of mind… of course!

Smart Security,

Your Way

Secure and automate your home or business, YOUR way! Choose from one of our pre-configured packages or customize your own. We offer the latest in security, smart home devices and cameras, paired with our 24/7 professional alarm monitoring.


  • Smoke alarms
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Glass break & motion sensors
  • Flood protection


  • Control from anywhere
  • Keyless entry
  • Smart thermostat
  • Garage door control


  • Live video footage
  • Recorded clips
  • Doorbell cameras
  • Indoor & outdoor cameras

How we reward our customers

Home security that moves with you

If you move, we’ll install a basic home security system at your new home, free of charge. If your new home already has a home alarm system, we’ll waive our connection fee. Details and conditions apply.
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Up to $1,360 in deductible reimbursement

If you suffer a loss due to a home break-in or fire, we will reimburse your paid homeowners insurance deductible up to $1,360. Details and conditions apply.
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Get rewarded for your satisfaction

Our referral program helps keep your family and friends safe and connected plus rewards you with free monitoring.
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