What is the difference between my keypad code and my password?

Your keypad code is what you physically enter on your keypad at your home or business to arm and disarm your system. Your password is the verbal security code you tell us when we receive an alarm signal and call you. We also ask for your password when you call us to help us identify you and ensure the protection of your private data. Everyone you authorize to access your account needs a password and an “authority level.” There are three things we verify before disclosing information about your account: the caller must be on the contact list, they must verify a password and they must have the appropriate authority level to complete the task for which they are calling. Here are the four authority levels you can assign to your call list:

User Level/Call List Level of Authority Authorized Account Activity
1 (All Authority) Full access on account. Authorized to make changes on account. Authorized to cancel alarms and put system on test.
2 (Level 2) Authorized to cancel alarms or put system on test. Not authorized to make changes on account. Can set service.
3 (Level 3) Authorized to cancel alarms only. Not authorized to make changes on account or put system on test.
4 (Level 4) Call list notification only. Not authorized to make changes on account, put system on test or cancel alarms.