Smart Home Thermostat

smart home thermostat by Alert 360

The Alert 360 Smart Home Thermostat is the newest generation of smart thermostats. Works with virtually any conventional 24 V system. Improved battery life and flexibility to run on batteries only (no common wire needed). These devices all make fantastic additions to any growing smart home. You can take advantage of great features like geofencing, external temperature detection, humidity sensing, smart programming, and more. No matter how you control your smart home devices, you will love the performance!

  • Energy savings is this simple at home! Energy Star Certified.
  • Save up from 9-15% of the energy you use on heating and a higher percentage on cooling with our smart home thermostat!
  • Z-Wave Plus Thermostat/Reisdeo Systems/Total Connect 2.0 platforms/Samsung SmartThings/
  • Sensor advantage over Nest and others. Doesn’t rely on one room to determine temperature!
  • Video Analytics is an advanced feature that allows users to receive real-time alerts
  • Video Analytics is an advance feature that allows users to receive real-time alerts regarding unusual activity
  • Represents the next generation of connected devices. Control by smartphone, desktop tablet or touch!
  • Beautifully designed for a smart thermostat home, it combines streamlined hardware, sophisticated cloud services and an ecosystem of connected devices for an excellent energy management solution.
  • Z-Wave radio connects to the communications module in all Alert 360-supported security panels to let you create the ultimate level of comfort you can’t get anywhere else.
  • 2 – AAA batteries or common wire 24v ac.
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