Water leaks are one of the most frequently filed insurance claims for homeowners. Fortunately, preventing costly damage and stressful repairs is easier with today’s water leak detection devices. These devices are easy to install and inexpensive. Most importantly, they provide timely alerts that allow you to react quickly to water leaks.

Unfortunately, water leaks and floods can occur at any time of year, no matter where you live. A variety of common causes can be blamed for water leaks and damage to homes. These include storms, plumbing issues, clogged drains, or malfunctioning appliances. No one wants to be surprised by, wake up or come home to wet floors or a flooded basement. Year-round water detection, using smart sensors and early warning, is key to avoiding costly damage and stress. Learn when you can claim water damage coverages on a home insurance policy.

While fire can be a major concern and worry for families, water damage is actually much more common. Just as you are diligent in placing smoke alarms in various areas of your home, water leak detectors are also smart prevention.

How Water Sensors Can Help Prevent Costly Water Damage

The easiest and best smart water sensors work with your existing smart home automation devices and can:

• Alert you that there’s a water leak, including a drip when placed correctly, or a water puddle forming
• Send alerts to your smartphone or set lights and other connected devices to turn on in the area of the leak

At Alert 360, we understand that detecting and preventing water leaks provides the best protection against insurance claims and home repairs. We offer smart water leak detectors as part of our comprehensive smart home automation solutions. Our smart wireless water sensors alert you to potential water leaks before the issue becomes serious.

They also work together with our smart lighting, security cameras, text alerts, and more. When shopping for water leak detectors and sensors, considering the following features that we offer at Alert 360:

• watertight housing
• flood or pooled water notifications
• drip notifications
• timely notification before costly water damage and flooding occurs
• easy installation, requiring no screws or tools
• Compatible with existing security control panels using 345MHz wireless frequency
• Small footprint means they can be placed almost anywhere and blend in with environment
• battery life of up to five years
• Wi-Fi connectivity

How Water Leak Detection and Water Sensors Work

Most water sensors are easy to install and to operate. For example, Alert 360 wireless water sensors can be placed almost anywhere there’s a potential for water to be present where it shouldn’t be. Our water sensors also provide dual protection against water leaks. This means that our water leak sensors provide both drip protection when placed under a potential leaking water source and notification when pooled water is present. The sensor works by having two metal probes on the top and three probes below. This dual-sensing technology (top and bottom) adds another level of leak detection you can’t find in most other leak detectors. Notifications are sent via text or email when water is detected where it doesn’t belong.

Dual protection water leak detectors help cover a multitude of sources that could lead to water damage, such as a water heater, sink, washing machine hose, dishwasher, clogged HVAC drain, toilet, fish tanks or even basements. Preventing costly water damage and water leaks can eliminate major headaches and help save money for both home and business owners. The best water leak detection devices provide dual protection and offer solutions for both residential water leak detection and commercial water leak detection. The Alert 360 wireless water sensor can detect clean or dirty freshwater, saltwater and tap water.

While water damage is a top insurance claim, the solution to detecting leaks is very easy. If you are considering adding water leak detectors, consider the above options. We also suggest asking your home security provider for smart water sensors that work with your existing home automation devices. Making water and leak detection a priority today can save you future headaches and perhaps ten’s of thousands of dollars in expensive repairs.

Water damage can sneak up on you because it can literally happen one drip at a time. It isn’t uncommon for these drips to go undetected for weeks, months and even years. When that happens it puts your home’s structural integrity and your family’s health at risk. When your home’s wooden studs, attic rafters, drywall, and subfloors are exposed to slow water leaks over an extended time the wood can rot causing major damage to your home. This scenario can also cause rot and/or mold to develop and depending on where the water source originated can be toxic.

Water damage is never easy or cheap to repair so it is important to take steps to be notified as early as possible when water is present where and when it shouldn’t be. Let Alert 360 wireless water sensors save you time and money while providing peace-of-mind knowing you have an early detection system in place. Your family and insurance carrier will thank you!

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