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Experience the power of proactive security.

Enhanced Security

Vigilance with human and AI-powered video monitoring

Increased Efficiency

Optimize your security operations

Improved Awareness

Gain real-time visual access to your entire property

Reduced Costs

Minimize the need for additional security personnel

50+ Years of Service

Why choose Alert 360 for Your Small or Midsize Business?

Since 1973, Alert 360 has provided peace of mind to businesses like yours, coast to coast!

  • Enjoy expert professional installation with no software to manage
  • Your system will update itself automatically so you’ll always have the latest features


Simplify your business security system with a single app and web dashboard to see everything at once.


As your business grows and your security needs change, Alert 360 grows with you.

  • We work closely with you to understand your specific security concerns and develop a tailored plan that addresses your vulnerabilities and budget
  • Our solutions are designed to work seamlessly with most existing security systems, minimizing disruption and maximizing the effectiveness of your overall security strategy


Your Partner in Business Security

Discover how Alert 360 is revolutionizing business security systems and customer trust.


is the average cost of a business burglary in the United States


of businesses experience at least 1 incident of property theft or vandalism each year


monitoring ensures round-the-clock protection

Access Control

Alert 360’s cloud-based access control combines intuitive user management with a seamless alarm and video integration.

Unlock Peace of Mind
  • Track who enters and exits your premises, ensuring only authorized personnel have access to sensitive areas
  • Limit access to specific areas of your property, deter unauthorized entry, and prevent potential theft and vandalism

What's Possible? 

Smart Energy Management

Reduce energy bills with Alert 360's smart thermostats and energy management technology.

Save Energy, Save Money
  • Easily control energy expenses and safeguard essential equipment such as freezers, server rooms and medical inventory with Alert 360's energy monitoring
  • Save money on utilities with smart away mode, allowing you to adjust temperature and control lights remotely

Video Surveillance

Monitor your business anywhere, anytime with Alert 360's with high-definition clarity and advanced surveillance technology.

Secure Every Angle
  • Capture every detail with 24/7 high-resolution recording, ensuring you stay informed and in control
  • Boost productivity, deter theft and enhance workplace safety with comprehensive monitoring

Complete Security, Absolute Control

Empowering you with complete control over every aspect.


Easily manage your alarm system, disable unnecessary alerts and customize access.


Say goodbye to bulky DVRs. Watch live or recorded footage and share with a simple click.


Seamlessly manage your entryways from any location with a tap on your phone.


Manage thermostats on the go and stay informed about temperature changes in sensitive zones.

Here’s What Our Amazing Clients are Saying

More than security, we offer a team who cares. Read customer stories about the difference we make.

It has been an amazing experience being an Alert 360 customer. We had a recent “attempt” to break in one of our offices. Alarm went off with a window break and cops were dispatched. I would not go with any other alarm company than Alert 360.

Annie B.

Basu Law Firm - Houston, TX

As a business operator in this age of technology the tools supplied by Alert 360 can give a competitive edge to making goals. Thank You Alert 360.

Juan H.

Barnabys Cafe - Houston, TX

Alert 360 helped us transition from our old security company and we’ve never looked back. Our sales rep Jim was very knowledgeable and explained the services provided by Alert 360. I appreciate his professionalism and great character. Two thumbs up!

Ed T.

Royal Car Wash - Houston, TX

I feel very secure knowing that my business is secured using Alert 360 security! We’ve had nothing but great service since day one!

Robert V.

Vanderford Air, Inc. - Houston, TX

One-Stop Solution

Smart Solutions, Real-Time Results

Transform your business protection with our seamless, integrated security platform, merging technology and intuition

Comprehensive coverage for peace of mind

Proactive notifications with intelligent alerts

Simplify control of your security details

Interactive Security

Receive instant awareness notifications. Remote management & control from anywhere.

Video Monitoring

View live or recorded video in the app. Alerts to your mobile device.

Home Automation

Lock and unlock doors through mobile app. Control of garage doors and lights.

Energy Management

Create temperature schedules based on when you are home. Set energy-saving usage goals.