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With millions of homeowners installing doorbell cameras, home security video systems, or home alarm systems, there’s more interest than ever in these devices. Even you might be considering installing a wireless camera and have questions. To help, in recent blogs, we answered or shared the following:

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Guide: How the Best Home Cameras Protect Home, Family

You know that you need a camera to help ensure your kids, elderly parents, pets or home are safe when you’re away. But, you probably still have questions about the best camera options and features. How do wireless security cameras work? What are the features and benefits of the latest security cameras? And, finally, what are the best security camera options and how do security cameras help deter crime and more?

In short, wireless cameras work by transmitting the camera’s video through a radio (RF) transmitter. The video is sent to a receiver that is connected to a built-in storage device or through cloud storage. It seems simple, but these high-tech devices can save you thousands in loss prevention.

It’s a fact that homes with video security installed are far less likely to be broken into or vandalized. Offering the ability to watch your pet, parents, children or property, wireless security cameras that stream video to your smartphone are undoubtedly an easy decision and smart investment. Fortunately, home security cameras are smarter than ever, easier to install and operate, using a mobile app, and provide features that pack a punch. The best security camera features include high-definition viewing, zoom, tilt, recording, two-way voice, video clips and more. Today’s surveillance cameras are also more affordable than those in years’ past.

At Alert 360, we offer a line of top-rated home security cameras, with both indoor and outdoor video recording options. So that you might compare professionally installed security camera systems, below are some highlights of what we offer. The answer to “what are the best security cameras for your home or business” most likely can be found in one of these options.

Home Security Camera Options and Features 2019 Guide

Video options are the most popular, offering a chance to truly check-in and see what’s happening at home. At Alert 360, we offer Alert 360 Video as our premier, standalone NVR/DVR system, including camera and video monitoring. This home security video system allows you full access to a high-quality camera, with crystal-clear viewing, via any internet-connected device. This video surveillance system also allows you to receive video alerts via text or email; view or share recorded clips at your convenience; schedule event-based recordings that fit your family’s schedule, and stream video from almost anywhere you are.

The flexibility, video quality and ease-of-use are top-rated features of this home security camera option.

Wireless Indoor, Outdoor Home Security Cameras

Wireless home security cameras are a favorite of homeowners and offer powerful features to keep you connected to family and home. For example, Alert 360’s 1080p HD wireless video security camera is excellent at low-light and is a powerful security camera solution for both indoor and outdoor use. Our security camera is weather-resistant, dust-tight and provides:

• a professional surveillance video solution;
• live and recorded video viewable through smartphone, desktop or tablet;
• 1280×800 live resolution;
• instant alerts with smart clip capture and real-time viewing;
• superior, crystal-clear security video;
• simultaneous viewing of multiple locations on the same screen;
• ability to integrate with existing video cameras;
• night vision up to 40 feet; and
• a weatherproof case with UV protection for a long life.

Another example of a top-rated Wi-Fi video security camera option is our indoor IP, night vision camera, which works with our Alert 360-hosted video service. This Wi-Fi security video camera delivers a professional surveillance solution for any room in the house and provides HD 1080p live and recorded video available through web-enabled computers, cell phones and tablets, via our free Alert 360 app. In summary, this video camera offers:

• HD 1080p video;
• IR night vision;
• an 113-degree viewing angle;
• 1920×1080 maximum resolution;
• wireless connectivity, and
• video motion detection.

Home security and video surveillance help keep an eye on all areas of your home. We’ve shared before, however, that one of your most vulnerable places of entry is your front door. It’s also a prime spot for seeing that kids safely arrived home after school or a night out and to check on important deliveries. For these reasons, many homeowners are including doorbell cameras in their home security systems and packages.

Front Doorbell Video Cameras, with HD Video, Motion Detector, Color Night Vision

In addition to allowing you to check in on your front door, doorbell security cameras also are a major crime deterrent. From preventing sales scams and Be Aware of Porch Thieves & Protect Deliveries During the Holidays and Year Round porch pirates, top-rated doorbell cameras on your front porch often feature:

• ability to remotely view and talk with people at the front door;
• high-resolution recording playback;
• 1080p HD video with full-color night vision
• motion sensor alerts
• weather and rain-proof
• wireless connectivity
• 1920×1080 resolution
• 5x zoom
• two-way audio and live viewing
• ability to turn off home’s doorbell chime from app if needed
• option to snap photos of visitors or a porch thief with the touch of a button

Our Alert 360 video doorbell camera is an attractive security device, disguised as an ordinary doorbell. How does a doorbell camera work? When a visitor presses the doorbell button, you’ll be able to see, hear, and speak to him on our free Alert 360 app. A built-in motion sensor also sends you an alert even if a visitor doesn’t press the doorbell button – providing additional security. When combined with smart home automation devices, you’ll also be able to grant access remotely, locking or unlocking the door, depending on who stopped by, from upstairs or across town. For more information about front door cameras, check out our previous blog “Front Doorbell Cameras Increase Home Security.”

Speaking of smart devices, another, popular home security option is one that also allows you to play music, serving double duty as a security and entertainment device.

Features, Benefits of a Wide-Angle Security Camera with Bluetooth

The latest in home and business security includes HD security cameras that feature enhanced zoom and two-way audio. These cameras are stylish and provide a full 180-degree field of view, infrared night vision, and an easy-to-access call button. This security camera also allows you to have a video call with someone near the camera and stream Bluetooth music in your home or office.

Home and business owners appreciate the 180-degree, HD camera’s tilt capabilities plus wide field of view for covering larger spaces with a single camera. Its ability to capture details in high definition, even when zooming in on live video is a top benefit as well. In addition to superior camera viewing capabilities, our Alert 360 HD video camera provides video recording and optimal home or business security and property protection.

For more ideas how combining smart devices with home security can beef up the property and personal protection, check out “How to Use Home Security Systems, Mobile Apps to Keep Children, Elderly Safe.”

What to Consider When Installing Popular Home Security Cameras

When shopping for professionally installed and monitored home security cameras, keep these features in mind to find the best home video surveillance solution for your family. We suggest you review the above-referenced blogs as part of your research as well as “Five Top Tips and Questions to Consider when choosing the Best Home Security – Cameras – Automation.”

While there are increasing choices in home security devices, today’s options are affordable and provide true peace of mind, keeping you connected to home and family. The good news is you don’t have to go it alone when installing or planning a security system, with smart video cameras. When you’re serious about home security and want to install a top-rated system, with support on your side, research your best local alarm companies. At Alert 360, we provide free consultations and help design a custom security system that is as unique as your home, business, family, routine and needs. From professionally installed security cameras to integrating smart home automation devices, we can help.

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