Dallas Alarm System Company Recognizes Success Stories

Alert 360 Dallas alarm system company continues to save lives, property during COVID-19 pandemic One of the best, Dallas alarm system companies, Alert 360 Home Security – Dallas, is recognizing its top, monthly monitored alarm security success stories. In Dallas and across the country, Alert 360 provides installation and service for security and home automation systems – all backed by its U.S.-based alarm monitoring center. As the fourth largest monitored home security system company in the United States, Alert 360 provides award-winning home and business security and home automation services. The company has earned Five Diamond Monitoring Center designation from The Monitoring Association for excellence in alarm monitoring for security systems and home automation devices. In Oklahoma, Alert 360 was voted the “Best Home Security”. The company also has been named a “Best Places to Work in Oklahoma” for five consecutive years. This month, Alert 360 highlights the following security monitoring success stories based on actual customer experiences: • A business security system alarm was received from an Alert 360 business customer. The monitoring center dispatched local police within three seconds. Thanks to the swift action of the Alert 360 team, police were able to capture the intruder while he was still inside the location. • A motion signal was received from an Alert 360 Dallas alarm systems customer. Within one second, the monitoring center contacted the homeowner who confirmed police dispatch was needed. The customer later confirmed there was an intruder, but he was scared off by the sound of the alarm. During his escape, the intruder dropped his cell phone, which the police were able to use to track down and apprehend the burglar. • Alert 360 received an alarm from a commercial alarm system location. When the monitoring center contacted the business manager, they were informed local police were needed. The customer later confirmed that a crowd of people had gathered outside and were throwing things at the business, trapping employees inside. The local police department was able to separate the crowd, allowing the employees to safely leave the premises. • Alert 360 responded to a home security system alarm from a customer’s outside storage shed. The monitoring center immediately dispatched police. During a follow-up call, the customer confirmed someone had broken into the shed and taken tools. However, the thief was unable to gain entry to the home, and no further theft was reported. • After receiving a medical pendant alarm, the Alert 360 monitoring center was able to reach the homeowner who stated their spouse had fallen, and they needed assistance. Thanks to the quick response of the Alert 360 monitoring center, emergency personnel were able to provide prompt medical attention. Alert 360 Smart Signal allows an alarm user to quickly decide whether the alarm was an accident or if help is needed, allowing for faster notifications to Alert 360’s alarm monitoring station and greater protection from false alarm dispatches. When an alarm event occurs, a Cancel Alarm and a Verify Alarm option will appear in the Alert 360 app along with a Time Remaining counter. A user will have two minutes to either cancel or verify the alarm. Using the Smart Signal option to cancel a false alarm, the user simply presses and holds the Cancel Alarm button in the Alert 360 app for three seconds until the status bar completes. The Alert 360 monitoring center will cancel the alarm and will not dispatch emergency services. To verify an actual emergency when help is needed, a user presses and holds the Verify Alarm button in the Alert 360 app for three seconds until the status bar completes. The Alert 360 monitoring center will alert authorities immediately to respond to the emergency. If a customer chooses nothing, Alert 360 alarm monitoring dispatchers will still make contact by phone regarding the alarm signal. In the event of an emergency, Alert 360’s Smart Signal Panic option allows customers to open the Alert 360 app and tap the Panic dropdown menu. Depending on the alarm system installed, customers can choose from different panic button selections that include fire, police, silent, or medical alarms. All options will send an immediate alarm signal to the Alert 360 monitoring center from the alarm panel at the customer’s property. The panic button will work from almost anywhere a customer is located. Once the panic button has been activated in the app, the Alert 360 monitoring center will immediately dispatch authorities to the location of the property protected by Alert 360. “Every day, we strive to provide home and business owners peace of mind through our home security, business security, and alarm monitoring services,” said Kent Morris, Alert 360’s vice president of customer experience. “Our Alert 360 team is proud of our industry-leading alarm response time that equates to timely assistance. We’re humbled to make a difference in our customers’ lives, as this sampling of our success stories demonstrates. These actual home security system incidents share the value behind our alarm monitoring and the important work of our dedicated teams, from our local Dallas security installers to our alarm monitoring dispatchers. We never take for granted the trust families and business owners place in us.” In Dallas and nationally, Alert 360 offers wireless security systems; home automation devices; mobile app access; professional-grade IP security cameras; smoke alarms; carbon monoxide detectors; medical alert pendant; glass break and motion sensors; water leak detection devices; keyless entry; smart thermostats; remote garage door control; smart lighting; live video footage; recorded clips; indoor and outdoor cameras; doorbell cameras and more. Alert 360’s certified security technicians also provide professional integration of home automation devices, including sprinkler systems, sound systems, Amazon Echo and Google Home. The company’s life safety services extend to four-legged family members through home security cameras, alerts when sensitive areas are accessed, and in case of a fire. Alert 360 customers can request a “Save our Pets” window decal. Alert 360 has a network of branches from coast to coast, providing local security services for nearly a quarter of a million home and business security customers. Find a local Alert 360 home and business security office here. # About Alert 360 Founded in 1973, Alert 360 is one of the nation’s oldest-licensed alarm monitoring providers. Today, the company is one of the largest providers of monitored home security and home automation solutions in the United States. The company has been named an Inc. 5000 “Fastest-Growing Privately Held Company in America,” a “Best Home Security Company,” and a “Best Places to Work.” Alert 360 continues to offer critical lifesaving security services amid COVID-19 concerns, with Limited-Touch service and installation.