Surveillance that Goes Beyond the Lens

Our security professionals redefine surveillance standards, providing 24/7 monitoring that surpasses traditional boundaries. Experience safety that’s always one step ahead, crafted for your complete peace of mind

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Real-Time Event Notifications

Receive instant alerts and direct communication between our video experts and authorities when alarms signal real-time events on your property

Smart Video Analytics

AI-powered video analysis provides 24/7 monitoring and faster response to motion, line crossing and analytics triggers

Reduce False Alarms

False alarms can cost both time and money; Alert 360 Video Shield's expert monitoring dramatically reduces the chance of these costly alarms

Rapid Video Alarm Response

Alarms prompt expert reviews, alert you to suspicions and automatically notify both you and authorities after hours—reducing crime


Stop Crimes Before They Occur

Experience unparalleled safety with our live video surveillance through our groundbreaking Video Shield, ensuring immediate reaction to security events on your property.

  • Continuous, AI-driven surveillance analyzes behavior patterns, distinguishing between false alarms and genuine security risks
  • Integration with your existing video systems allows for a seamless security upgrade, enhancing protection without the need for extensive reconfiguration

Advanced Monitoring for Safer Spaces

Experience real-time alerts, reduce false alarms and strengthen your security.

Remote Video Monitoring

We proactively monitor your security cameras to help prevent crime before it happens.

Immediate Notifications

Get immediate notification from our monitoring center of real-time events on your property as they occur.

Reduce False Alarms

Video analysis of suspicious activity reduces false alarms and makes response to triggered events faster and more efficient.


Next-Level Video Monitoring

  • Expertly trained Video Shield security experts are immediately notified of any active events, often preventing crime before it even occurs
  • Advanced technology using AI technology offers uninterrupted surveillance, ensuring real-time security at all times

Advanced Monitoring Solutions
  • Our U.S.-based Alert 360 Video Shield command center is equipped with cutting-edge video monitoring surveillance technology.
  • Since all alarm signals are verified by a Video Shield agent, false alarms and costly fees associated with false alarms are avoided.


Mobile Video Surveillance

Experience proactive security with Video Shield's 24/7 mobile video monitoring for businesses and homes.

  • Alarm Event is Detected: Alert 360 Video Shield monitors your existing video and camera infrastructure for triggered alarm events like motion detection, line-crossing and smart analytics.
  • Alarm Signal is Received: Our U.S.-based Video Shield monitoring center receives video alarm signals and takes immediate action. With our trained experts and advanced tools and AI, we ensure efficient and accurate response to video alarm events.
  • Immediate Dispatch: Our operators quickly analyze the situation in real time by accessing your cameras. In the event of a verified crime or emergency, authorities are dispatched to the location, stopping the crime and minimizing false alarms.
  • Detailed Incident Report Delivered: Every incident detail captured by your video equipment is logged and stored in our database. We offer regularly scheduled, comprehensive incident reports delivered directly to your email inbox.

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