Austin Alarm Monitoring Success Stories

Austin Alarm Monitoring from real life events: Alert 360 Austin Home Security announces the company’s recent Austin monitored security system events and dispatches that helped save lives and valuables. Alert 360 is one of the largest monitored home security system companies in the United States and Texas. Alert 360’s local home security branch provides some of the Austin area's best-rated local home and business security services. The company provides free, local, home security and business security consultations. Its locally installed and serviced security and home automation systems are backed by its U.S.-based alarm monitoring center in Tulsa, Okla. In Texas, Alert 360 also has local security branches in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Irving, San Antonio and Stafford. Alert 360’s Austin security systems for residential, business and commercial properties are designed to save lives and prevent property loss. These local security products and services include intruder detection, two-way voice doorbells, indoor and outdoor cameras, medical pendant monitoring, monitored carbon monoxide detectors, and glass break sensors. These monitored security devices have saved homes, families, pets, employees, inventory, and valuable commercial property. Recognizing the critical services alarm monitoring customers rely on, this month, Alert 360 shares the following Austin alarm monitoring success stories. These events are based on actual security alarm dispatches: • An Alert 360 customer received a burglary alarm from a front door sensor, and the Alert 360 monitoring center immediately contacted the customer. Within seconds, local police were dispatched. Additional motion-sensor notifications were received from various locations inside the residence. During a follow-up call, the customer confirmed someone had entered her home Thanks to Alert 360’s quick response, police were able to prevent any property damage or theft. • A residential customer’s carbon monoxide alarm was triggered. Alert 360’s monitoring center immediately contacted the customer, advising them to remove all family members, including pets from the property. A follow-up call to the customer confirmed there was a gas leak, and the fire department and gas company were able to shut off the gas to the property before any injury or loss of life. Thanks to Alert 360’s swift response time, all members of their family, including their four-legged companions, were able to escape safe and sound. • A motion signal was received from an Alert 360 business customer. Unable to reach the owner, the monitoring center dispatched local police to the location within seconds. The customer later confirmed an intruder broke a window but did not appear to have entered the premise. The customer stated they believe the intruder was startled by the alarm and fled the scene. Thanks to the Alert 360 security system, no items were stolen, and no further damage was reported. • An Alert 360 remote video camera surveillance team recently saw intruders breaking into a customer’s property using wire cutters and crowbars to cut through a gate. The Alert 360 team saw this on their monitors and immediately contacted local police. Thanks to a quick response, law enforcement was able to reach the scene and apprehend the intruders before they were able to make it to any buildings. • After receiving a medical alarm, the Alert 360 monitoring center contacted the homeowner and immediately dispatched emergency services and police to their location. A 5-year-old boy was unconscious and needed medical attention. A follow-up call with the homeowner confirmed her son had a seizure, and they were able to receive prompt medical attention thanks to the quick response of the Alert 360 monitoring center. “Seconds are critical during an emergency and monitored alarm dispatch,” said Kent Morris, Alert 360’s Vice President of Customer Experience. “Our security alarm monitoring team trains continually to provide industry-leading response times that help save lives and property. We also rely on the dedication and skill of local emergency personnel and appreciate them working with us during emergency dispatches. “With nearly 50 years of security system monitoring experience at Alert 360, we understand existing and emerging threats to property and lives. Based on countless alarm events, we continue to believe in the tremendous value behind our professional alarm monitoring. We also strive to offer innovative products and services to address crime trends – from vehicle and package theft to the vulnerability of remote property and smash-and-grab scenarios,” said Morris. Working with technology leaders in monitored security, Alert 360 announced multiple new services to increase security at homes, businesses, and remote locations in the past year. These services include the Alert 360 Edge, Connected Car, Video Shield, Flex 360, and the Alert 360 Smart Video Doorbell 2.0. The Alert 360 Edge’s artificial intelligence and processing technology provides touchless disarm and the industry’s first home security system panel with built-in face recognition. It also features analytics within the device – so personal data stays private. The Connected Car extends Alert 360’s security services to vehicles, including family cars and commercial fleets. It alerts home and business owners to issues, such as if a vehicle is tampered with or moves. Alert 360 Video Shield (Remote Video Surveillance Monitoring Service) offers highly trained video experts to monitor and watch key areas of business sites and high-end residential properties. The smart video doorbell provides the latest in video analytics, two-way audio, and 150-degree HD, viewing of a front porch, yard, or entrance. This addresses the growing threats of stolen deliveries, vandalism, and vehicle theft. Another new Alert 360 security option, the Flex 360, is a battery-powered sensor designed for monitoring property and assets, from toolsheds, fences, and gates to boats, ATVs, construction equipment, and more. As a top-rated security monitoring company, Alert 360 has earned the Five Diamond Monitoring Center designation from The Monitoring Association. In Oklahoma, where the company is based, Alert 360 has been voted a “Best Home Security Provider.” Alert 360 also has earned recognition as a “Best Places to Work” for six consecutive years. Security devices and services Alert 360 include installation of wireless security systems; smart home automation devices; professional-grade IP Austin security cameras; monitored smoke alarms; carbon monoxide detectors; glass break and motion sensors; water leak/flood detection devices; keyless entry; smart thermostats; remote garage door control; smart lighting; live video footage; recorded clips; and indoor and outdoor cameras. Alert 360 also provides mobile app access, medical alert pendants, and professional integration of home automation devices – such as sprinkler systems, sound systems, Amazon Echo, and Google Home. Alert 360 is an award-winning company that offers free security system consultations and is currently hiring. For a new career click the following link: home security careers. 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