Alarm systems have become increasingly popular for the multitude of benefits they provide home and business owners across the country. Millions of customers rely on their security systems to protect their properties, families, and employees. It’s important to understand the value behind security services to protect their family, and pets and reduce crime in homes and businesses. This crime prevention is especially beneficial in large cities. As an example, Alert 360, a Dallas home security systems provider shares recent alarm monitored events where property and valuables were saved.

The following occurred after Alert 360 alarm monitoring center received a series of panic signals from a local convenience store. The Alert 360 monitoring center used two-way voice capabilities that can listen in on the business location or home if the panic button is pushed. In one of the instances below, Alert 360 dispatch agents could hear shouting and commotion, and they immediately dispatched law enforcement to the scene. The customer later confirmed a physical fight had broken out, and the local police department was able to separate the assailants and prevent any damage to the location.

Business or commercial security systems are helpful when working with insurance providers or providing police reports as well. The same benefits apply to residential alarm systems. The following examples are based on an actual alarm dispatch from Alert 360 security systems:

• Alert 360’s monitoring center received an alarm from a customer’s family room door. Because the customer has a fully interactive system, an alarm agent was able to immediately speak to the customer using the two-way voice feature. The customer told the agent someone was trying to get in their back door. The Alert 360 alarm dispatcher immediately contacted the local police who arrived in time to apprehend the intruder.

• Alert 360 dispatch agents using their unique remote video monitoring, upon connecting to video after receiving a motion signal from a local car dealership, observed a man looking into vehicles and acting suspiciously through the customer’s security cameras. The agent immediately contacted police and remained connected to the video feed monitoring the intruder’s location until they were apprehended by the police. During a follow-up call, the customer stated how grateful they were for Alert 360’s diligence in helping secure their location.

• A motion alarm was received from a commercial premise, which should have been empty at the time of the alarm. The Alert 360 monitoring center contacted the customer, and local police were dispatched immediately. Alert 360’s quick response allowed the police to capture the suspect in the act. A follow-up with the customer confirmed the swift action of the Alert 360 agent ensured police were able to recover all stolen items.

Alert 360 alarm systems for residential and business security systems are designed to save lives and prevent property loss during a range of situations. Seconds matter when there’s an emergency as these alarm event examples show. Local alarm monitoring and security system providers like Alert 360 work with nearby emergency personnel to respond quickly to numerous threats, from smoke, fire, intrusion, home invasions, vandalism, and more.

Including professional alarm monitoring as part of your home security plan or business, security is invaluable. To help, Alert 360’s security branches provide free consultations and the best-rated local security and alarm monitoring services offered.

About Alert 360 Founded in 1973, Alert 360 is one of the nation’s largest alarm monitoring and security companies in the United States. Today, the company monitors over 2 million sensors and has installed over 80,000 security cameras. Alert 360 operates a 5 Diamond monitoring station and customer service center in F5 tornado-rated building in Tulsa, OK., and has offices coast to coast, serving customers throughout the country. Alert 360 earned the Five Diamond Monitoring Center designation from The Monitoring Association for excellence in alarm monitoring for security systems and home automation devices. Alert 360 also has been voted the “Best Home Security Provider” several times and has been named a “Best Places to Work for six consecutive years.

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