Crime Prevention and Home Business Security Tips

Crime reports show that pockets of Kansas City have some of the highest crime statistics in the country. Fortunately, if you call the Midwest city of fountains home, there are steps you can take to stay safe and help your city shine. Alert 360, a local home security company, Alert 360, reminds home and business owners that just focusing on crime prevention can help increase overall neighborhood security. Being aware, locking up valuables, securing your home or business, considering automated lighting, or installing security cameras are easy security measures anyone can take. These options have become both popular and affordable as crime prevention tools over the years. Almost everyone is familiar with basic security systems, and security cameras have especially become the norm for thousands of households and businesses across KC. When looking around your neighborhood, the more homes or businesses with security systems or cameras, the safer the area will most likely be. Most larger Kansas City security companies now offer versatile security video surveillance options. Some of the best-rated local security companies also offer live or remote video monitoring. It’s clear that security systems provide an extra eye or alert to potential crime. Business and home security cameras help keep a closer eye on indoor and outdoor areas to prevent crime or capture criminals. Any social media search will result in multiple examples of brazen thieves attempting break-ins in broad daylight. Porch pirates, who steal delivery packages from homes are on the rise. Sadly, issues surrounding drug use and homelessness are negatively impacting both local commercial and residential areas. Advancing security camera options offer welcome assistance for police officers and home or business owners during or after an emergency. Recent events captured by alarm and security video dispatchers provide insight into the crime-prevention solutions available in the Kansas City area. Kansas City home security systems provider Alert 360 shares several recently monitored security system events where a threat was prevented. In one instance, Alert 360 received a panic alarm from a commercial client and immediately dispatched police to the scene. During a follow-up call, the customer shared that someone had broken into the business and tried to tunnel through the wall into the business next door. The suspect got stuck in the wall, and the police arrived and arrested him. Following criminal activity, business owners also find security camera footage helpful when working with police and insurance providers. In addition, video surveillance goes a long way in protecting both staff and customers. In another example, Kansas City security company Alert 360 received a video monitoring alarm from a business. The alarm monitoring agent was able to use the surveillance cameras to confirm an unauthorized person was on the property. Police were dispatched, quickly arrived, and arrested the suspect within minutes. While security systems are a proven deterrent to crime, the sad fact is criminals often identify or target homes and businesses without alarm systems. Fortunately, the cost of alarm monitoring systems is not prohibitive, especially when you consider a potential discount on insurance premiums and the protection of valuable assets. In addition, the presence of multiple homes and businesses with alarm systems in a neighborhood sends a sign to criminals to move along. Alarm monitoring and security system companies across Kansas City have countless examples of crimes deterred and lives saved daily. Every hour, companies like Alert 360, respond to emergencies such as these. One final example from Alert 360 involves a residential panic alarm that the company’s 24/7 monitoring center received. Alert 360 was able to dispatch local police in less than 20 seconds. A follow-up call with the customer confirmed that they activated the panic alarm because someone was trying to break into the home. Fortunately, police were able to apprehend the intruder before he made it inside the home. If a security system isn’t in your budget yet, Alert 360 shares additional steps you can take to prioritize overall neighborhood security. Participating in local National Night Out events, organizing a Neighborhood Watch, increasing home and business security when adding exterior lights or landscaping, and using automated locks, lights, and appliances can all help prevent crime. Easy steps like installing deadbolt locks and making sure all windows and doors are secure when you leave home are smart security measures. Finding a local security expert for more tips and solutions is a good idea. A simple Google search of “alarm companies near me” can help find a security provider that’s right for you. Most security companies offer free consultations and can design a system that meets your individual security needs and budget. Crime statistics and studies are clear. Including professional alarm monitoring as part of your home security or business security planning is invaluable and provides peace of mind. Stopping loss before it happens prevents a lot of headaches. Alarm monitoring dispatchers also help save lives. To lend a hand, Alert 360’s local Kansas City security team provides free security evaluations and some of the best-rated alarm monitoring services. The company also encourages families and business owners to follow its security blog for low- or no-cost security and safety tips throughout the year. For more about Alert 360 home security services, business security systems, company history, locations, and more, visit Alert 360 is an award-winning company offers free security system consultations and is currently hiring. 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