The History of Security Systems

From ancient times, humans have sought personal safety and security for their homes and possessions. The earliest security measures included using natural barriers and setting up night watches to protect against enemies and wild animals. As technology developed, humans began incorporating design and architecture for security purposes. Rulers and monarchs used drawbridges, castle walls, and small openings for archers, while personal weapons allowed people to defend themselves. Throughout history, animals and pets have also been relied on to alert humans of intruders. Guard dogs, in particular, have been trained for generations to alert their masters of intruders and even pursue and attack intruders. The modern home security system can be traced back to Benjamin Franklin in the 1700s, who implemented a simple device using a mirror attached outside a building's window to see who was at the front door. This invention led to the rapid advancement of home security during the 19th and 20th centuries. Electromagnets, batteries, and the telegraph also played an important role in the development of early security systems, which soon met a broader market. Edwin Holmes took the developments of Augustus Pope and William Channing to New York City, and Edward Callahan's invention of a central location for alarm systems led to the formation of the first security company. Today's connected home security systems build upon these early inventions and continue to evolve with advancing technology. The earliest known security system was developed by a man named Augustus Russell Pope in 1853. Pope's system was based on the use of electromagnets to trigger an alarm when a door or window was opened. However, it wasn't until the 20th century that home security systems became more widely available and affordable to the average homeowner. And while there were many inventors and innovators who contributed to the development of these systems, there are a few key individuals who are credited with inventing the modern home security system. One of the earliest pioneers in the field of home security was Marie Van Brittan Brown, a nurse from Queens, New York. In the 1960s, Brown and her husband, Albert, were concerned about the rising crime rates in their neighborhood, and they wanted to find a way to protect their home while they were away. To do this, Brown invented a closed-circuit television system that allowed her to see who was outside her front door before she opened it. Her system also included a microphone and a speaker, which allowed her to communicate with visitors without having to open the door. The system was connected to a motorized lock that could be opened and closed remotely. Brown was granted a patent for her invention in 1969, and her system became the basis for many modern security systems that use video surveillance and remote access control. Another inventor who played a significant role in the development of home security systems was Edwin Holmes, a businessman from Boston. In 1858, Holmes invented the first practical burglar alarm, which used electromagnets to detect when a door or window had been opened. Holmes' system was initially used to protect businesses and banks, but it wasn't long before homeowners began to see the value of having a burglar alarm installed in their homes. By the early 20th century, burglar alarms had become a standard feature in many homes, and the technology continued to evolve over the years. In the 1930s, a man named Gerard Honey developed a system that used sound waves to detect the presence of an intruder. Honey's system was more sensitive than previous systems, and it was able to detect the sound of someone walking on the floor or crawling through a window. By the 1960s, home security systems had become more sophisticated, with the introduction of motion sensors, infrared cameras, and other advanced technologies. These systems were still expensive and primarily used by wealthy homeowners, but they paved the way for the more affordable systems that we have today. In the 1970s, companies like Alert 360 began to offer home security systems to the mass market, making it more accessible to the average homeowner. These systems were relatively simple and consisted of a control panel, a few sensors, and an alarm. However, as technology continued to evolve, home security systems became more sophisticated and complex. Today, many home security systems are integrated with smart home technology, allowing homeowners to control their security systems remotely and monitor their homes from their smartphones or tablets. In conclusion, the invention of the modern home security system was the result of the efforts of many inventors and innovators over the course of several centuries. From the earliest burglar alarms of the 1800s to the sophisticated smart home systems of today, these systems have become an essential part of home safety and security. While it's difficult to pinpoint a single inventor or individual who can be credited with inventing the home security system, it's clear that the contributions of individuals like Marie Van Brittan Brown, Edwin Holmes, and Gerard Honey were instrumental in shaping the technology and bringing it to the mass market. If you’re looking for more ways to keep yourself and your family safe, check out the home security and automation services from Alert 360. 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