As numerous Alert 360 customers are still without power, we want to remind you we are always here for you at 888-642-4567 or by emailing We also hope the following information and tips related to power outages and your alarm system are helpful should you experience an issue:

During and after any major storm or natural disaster, our thoughts especially are with the thousands of families we serve and our team members in the areas impacted. We dedicate each second, every day to protecting homes, families, pets and property, and our commitment and caring only intensifies during hard times.

How Does My Alarm Service and Backup Battery Work During a Power Outage?

What Do I Do When My Alarm Panel is Beeping and Indicates “Low Battery?” 

Alarms systems are equipped with backup power supplies in the form of a rechargeable battery. However, during an extended power outage at the location and to ensure you – and we – are aware of the battery’s status, the backup battery may signal a low charge through an illuminated indicator and/or a trouble beep. The low battery charge status does not affect normal alarm applications while the battery is still charged, up until the battery is depleted, and if power is restored within 12 – 24 hours.

Typically, when we receive a low battery status signal for your system at our national monitoring center, we will call to ensure you are aware, to check if help is needed, and to assist you in silencing the trouble beep.

How to Troubleshoot your Alarm During a Power Outage or Low Battery Alert:

Following also are some steps you can take – or things to be aware of – when your system is reflecting a low system battery and prior to calling us if help is needed:

What do I do When my Alarm System Loses Power or Shows a Low Battery Alert?  

If you have had a power outage in the past 12 hours, the battery may need to charge. When power to the location is restored, call us if the trouble light doesn’t go out after 24 hours of power being restored.

If there have been no power outages and there is electricity present at the location, please ensure the system’s transformer is still connected to a working outlet. If the transformer is connected to a GFCI outlet, please then ensure the reset button on the outlet is pressed and functional. Check to make sure the breaker switch that is connected to this outlet does not need to be reset. To test if the outlet is functional, please unplug the transformer, and plug in another device to test for power.

Is my Alarm System Working During or After a Power Outage?

Alarm systems receive primary power from an outlet at the location. If the system’s AC adapter is not supplying power, the system will temporarily run on backup battery for up to 12 – 24 hours. If there is no power at the location and your battery backup has been depleted, we will need to wait until power is restored to troubleshoot. The battery may last up to 12 – 24 hours. When power is restored to the location, the battery will recharge itself. This may take up to 12 – 24 hours to complete. Once power is restored, please review the steps in the first bullet above.

If you need help either during a power outage or once power is restored, please do not hesitate to call our Technical Support team anytime at 1-888-642-4567. We also offer specific system manuals and videos in the support section of our website.

Natural disasters, power outages, flooding and evacuations can be chaotic, scary and exhausting. To help as much as possible, before an emergency strikes, we offer steps to prepare. Most important, during any disaster, stay safe and tuned to local news and social media … and know we’re here.