Prevent Home Security Scams

See – and talk to – who comes to your porch with a home security system, cameras
It’s that time of year when the local news reports on people going door to door trying to scam homeowners. Some of these scammers ask for access to your home security system or to come inside to upgrade your home security alarm service.
As a local home security systems company, we share information on our website ( about how to identify a home security scam. We also provide a reporting tool if you experience this in your neighborhood. (Look for the Scam Alert link in the top right of our homepage or click here to report a scam alert).

Below, we share some of our most important tips for recognizing and staying safe from door-to-door home security scams:

Do Not Open your Door

Sadly, thieves have become increasingly bold. Some will just walk right into your home during the day or knock before trying to get in. Most importantly, we recommend keeping your doors locked even when you’re home. If someone comes to your door, ask for identification without opening the door. Suggest that they leave a business card or phone number for you to call. Most home alarm companies will not come to your door without an appointment. You should feel free to call your home security company if you have an alarm system and check if they are in your area.

How to Recognize a Home Security Scam
Be sure to visit our Scam Alert site to learn all the ways a thief will try to access your home security system or bank account. Some of the most popular things they will say include:
• They are there to upgrade your home security system.
• They have purchased or merged with your home security provider.
• You need to sign a new home security contract to continue your service.
• You need to decide at that moment.

These are just a few of the things a scammer might tell you. They are looking for access to your home security system so they can switch your service and bill you for it. They are also looking for access to your bank account or credit card information.

Use your Doorbell Video Camera

If you have a video doorbell camera that allows you to both see and talk to visitors, use it. Do not open the door, but let them know you can see them. If your neighbors also have doorbell cameras, you can compare images to see if it’s the same person. Most home security camera systems will alert you if anyone approaches your property. This is not only helpful in identifying a potential scammer but also in protecting deliveries. Home security cameras are one of the most popular security options homeowners choose. They remain popular for the numerous ways they help protect your property from multiple threats. Mobile app access to a security system and cameras is especially helpful. Receiving alerts and being able to see who is at your door – no matter where you are – provides invaluable peace of mind.

Report Home Security Scams

In addition to reporting a potential scam to your local Alert 360 home security office, you can also help protect others. Getting to know and communicate with your neighbors is always a good idea. If you notice someone going door to door, be sure to spread the word. Be sure to report suspicious activity to your local police to help keep others in your area safe. A thief will often not target a home with a monitored security yard sign displayed. However, in this case, these scammers are looking for homeowners who have security systems. This is an easy way for them to share false information that might provide access to your home or money.

Find a Local Home Security Provider to Help

As an experienced, security leader, we are dedicated to helping communities stay safe and secure. Helping to spread awareness and information about security and crime trends is an important first step.

For more security tips, visit the Alert 360 news and blog page all year. There, we provide information on security threats and easy steps you can take – from front door security to updates in security technology. You can also stay in touch with our local Alert 360 home security team, who is always happy to help. Find our blog, special offers, important updates, and more here.

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