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SINCE 1973

Alert 360 started as a small security company in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1973. In nearly 50 years, we have grown to be the 4th largest residential security provider in the country serving nearly 350,000 customers in 26 states! Our astounding growth is due to our sole focus on only home and business security, smart automation and alarm monitoring. By making this our only priority and your security our focus, the retention of our customers is among the best in the security industry!

Each system is easily customized to your home’s unique configuration and your needs. Our professional Smart Security experts can consult with you to find the solution that’s right for your property and budget.

Alert 360


It starts with our highly trained expert consultants and who will work to identify the perfect solutions for your needs. Our team of highly trained security technicians will professionally and quickly install a rock solid security system with no mess or hassle. The next part is equally important: alarm monitoring and customer service That’s what it means when you see our round green sign: 360 degrees of security and confidence surrounding your home or business.


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Alert 360


As one of the nation’s oldest-licensed alarm monitoring and security providers, we’ve expanded from just basic hardwired security systems to include the most advanced interactive wireless security systems and automation products available in the market at a great price! We have evolved from Guardian Security Systems and Central Security Group to today’s innovative Alert 360!



Today, we offer decades of experience, our own monitoring center, best-in-class technology, dependable service and smart home automation that make a real difference in how you live and work. We’re extremely dedicated to providing these products that keep you connected; help protect the things you care about most; and provide security, convenience, comfort and peace of mind. All backed by an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and thousands of 5-star customers reviews.


Robert B Seward Jr
Robert B Seward J.
20:42 04 Mar 24
Same installer for my region I had six years ago. Very fast but thorough. 360 keeps their rates fairly stable for monitoring. IMO good value for a peace-of-mind business.UPDATE 3-4-24, quick system service. Tech was pro in and out quickly. Great everything about this company with your security as top priority.read more
Dora Overton
Dora O.
12:27 14 Feb 24
The technition was very timely, installed the equipment, explained how to use it and was out!He was very curtious. I would prefer for him to be assigned to help me in the future!!
16:35 08 Feb 24
I’ve had this service for 7 years now and have always had a pleasant experience. The dispatchers that have come to my home during installation, sales, and repairs are wonderful. The team that answers calls whenever Ive had issues are informative and usually able to resolve issues immediately. Repairs are addressed expeditiously. And the center calls right away if any alarms/tampers are detected. I love the peace of mind knowing my home is being monitored by this team. Also, I appreciate that this company has not significantly increased their prices. Thank you Alert 360!read more
Ann Marie Newman
Ann Marie N.
22:51 02 Feb 24
Got my security camera back up following construction; it was neatly installed and an improvement over original installation; the staff was very helpful and professional and checked my app as well before leaving. I highly recommended Alert 360 Home Security and have renewed my contract with them because of the service I have received.read more
Rebecca Campbell
Rebecca C.
20:03 31 Jan 24
My technician Isaias from alert, 360 was prompt, professional, and knowledgeable. He was able to install my security system quickly and efficiently, and he was very helpful in educating me on how to use it. I highly recommend this service.
Kathy Dellinger
Kathy D.
19:14 30 Jan 24
Brad and colleague were terrific….amazed to know he was original installer and was familiar with the system! 💫

How we reward our customers

Home security that moves with you

If you move, we’ll install a basic home security system at your new home, free of charge. If your new home already has a home alarm system, we’ll waive our connection fee. Details and conditions apply.
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Up to $1,360 in deductible reimbursement

If you suffer a loss due to a home break-in or fire, we will reimburse your paid homeowners insurance deductible up to $1,360. Details and conditions apply.
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Get rewarded for your satisfaction

Our referral program helps keep your family and friends safe and connected plus rewards you with free monitoring.
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