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Nationwide Protection. Local Service.

We are happy to extend our warmest welcome to you. We understand that your security needs are of utmost importance, and we are committed to delivering nothing short of excellence in every aspect.

At Alert 360, we take pride in providing best-in-class security solutions that are tailored to your unique requirements. Our team of dedicated professionals are here to ensure your safety and peace of mind around the clock. Our unwavering commitment to customer service means that you can rely on us for prompt, responsive support whenever you need it.

In addition to our exceptional customer service, we are excited to introduce you to our cutting-edge technology that sets us apart from the rest. Our state-of-the-art security systems are designed to offer the highest level of protection, keeping you and your assets safe at all times.

We look forward to building a strong and secure future together. If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer support team.

Welcome to the Alert 360 family. Your safety is our top priority.

Alert 360 US Service

Smarter Security Since 1973

Alert 360 started as a security company in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1973. In just over 50 years, we have grown to be the 5th largest residential security provider in the country, serving nearly a quarter of a million customers in 26 states! Today, we own and operate our alarm monitoring center in Tulsa, providing best-in-class technology, dependable service and smart home automation.

We are committed to protecting what matters most to you, ensuring your connectivity, and delivering the security, convenience, and peace of mind you deserve.


What This Means for Our Customers

Moving forward, you’ll notice the name and logo change on any communications from us.

Otherwise, nothing else has changed. We’re still your local neighborhood security company, with the same team answering our phones, providing service in your home or office.

We’re growing and are so excited to have you with us!

You Have Questions, We Have Answers!

We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions below, but if you have specific questions or concerns about your account, get in touch or give us a call!

Call 866-803-1903

(We’re here to help!)

1. Who is Alert 360?

Alert 360 started as a small security company in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1973. In just over 50 years, we have grown to be the 5th largest residential security provider in the country serving nearly a quarter of a million customers in 26 states!

2. How does this benefit me?

For decades, Alert 360 has provided protection and peace of mind for security customers across the nation. We’ve matched advancing technology to our product offerings to meet the unique needs that modern security requires.

We’ve maintained an A+BBB rating and exceptional customer ratings and are hyper-focused on the customer experience – and for you – that means you will experience best-in-class support and service we provide for all our customers.

With Alert 360, you will get the peace of mind of best-in-class security solutions with all the access to cutting-edge technology our customers have, combined with the local reach of understanding and truly caring about the communities we protect.

You will also only have ONE number to call for all of your billing and security service needs.

3. Do I need to update my account information?

No, you will remain in our system with the same billing and payment information you previously had! Your alarm system access passwords and logins will not change!

You will now have access to a new and robust customer service portal that will provide you with additional features such as viewing your account, making bill payments, requesting service, and upgrading your system. To access this portal, you will need to register your account by clicking on the link provided HERE. Other than that, everything will continue to work as it has been!

4. What if I have automatic payments set up?

Your automatic payments and billing have been transferred, so no action required.

5. Will my app still work?

Yes, our systems are still compatible with any current apps you have to manage your alarm system.

6. Will I need to get a new system?

No, your existing system will remain connected and in service.

7. Are you still a local servicing company?

Yes, our local branches, service technicians, and partners will mostly remain the same to take care of all your home security needs, wherever you are!

We have quality local providers to support you, your home or your business.

8. What if I received a letter, or was approached by another security company saying that Alarm Connections or my local security provider sold my account to them?

Please give our team a call at 866-803-1903 or visit our Report a Scam page HERE. At Alert 360, we are committed to taking action against deceptive practices by unscrupulous actors to help our customers and community.

For other concerning deceptive practices, you should be aware of, check out our list HERE.

9. Should I continue to call my local service provider directly?

We aim to make things as simple as possible for you!

With our advanced systems, we can now provide all the support you need through one phone number. Our dedicated team will assist you with all of your customer service requirements, such as dispatching service calls to our local service providers, resolving billing concerns, and discussing options for additional services you may be interested in. Just call 866-803-1903.

10. I don’t understand how Alarm Connections transferred my account to Alert 360.

Alarm Connections acquired customers from smaller security providers and managed billing while the local service providers continued to support on-site service. Your security contract was sold to Alarm Connections (previously Alarm Funding Associates) by your local security provider in the last 15 years.

On April 1st 2024, Alarm Connections, transferred your account to Alert 360 so we can provide you with the best-in-class service we bring to the security industry.

Our aim is to maintain our partnership with your local security providers to ensure that you continue to receive the same high-quality onsite service you are familiar with. However, our primary focus in these partnerships is to provide you, our customers, with exceptional service, while ensuring that our partner providers are licensed and insured to meet the highest quality standards.

11. How do I pay my bill?

If you are already set up on autopay, you don’t need to do anything more!

As a new customer, if you prefer to pay your bill on-line through the customer portal, you will need to follow the steps to register your account.

Mail-in payment details will be included in your next billing cycle, but if you would like to set up the address with your banking institution sooner, here is the address: Alert 360 ATTN: Accounts Receivable 2448 E 81st St, Ste 4300 Tulsa, OK 74137-4285

12. How do I upgrade my system?

Simply call 866-803-1903 just have your account information handy!