Video Eyes On Your Business

Dome Video Camera from Alert 360 Home Security

Keep an eye on your business with our easy-to-use and flexible A lert 360 Video solution. View live and recorded video to know who’s in and around your business at any time. Reduce loss and protect your employees and customers while securing your facilities around-the-clock.

Increase Profit & Optimize Operations

  • Monitor workforce for proper staffing
  • Boost employee productivity
  • Reduce shrinkage and theft
  • Discourage workplace violence and/or harassment
  • Document attempted slip and fall insurance schemes

High Resolution Video Recording

Record high resolution footage of your business to capture even the smallest of details. Video recording devices allow for playback and easy export of video footage


Alert 360 Video Cameras

  • Alert 360 Video cameras bring high resolution video to life
  • Flexible camera options: Indoor, outdoor weather-resistant, vandal-proof dome cameras
  • Multiple lens options available to customize the application with a perfect field of view
  • Infrared technology to improve image in low-light conditions

Quick Features

  • Video recorded 24/7
  • View recorded clips at your convenience
  • Stream live encrypted video of your business from almost anywhere
  • Secure – User authentication and lockout feature
  • Easy access – Mobile app control with simple search and video sharing
  • Free Alert 360 Video app – Supports real-time video preview of up to 16 cameras
  • Pinch to zoom in and out in preview mode

Alert 360 Video App

  • View multiple cameras from the Alert 360 Video app
  • Pull snapshots from live or recorded footage from the app
  • Export recorded footage to a mobile device
  • High resolution or basic viewing for optimizing available bandwidth

How we reward our customers

Home security that moves with you

If you move, we’ll install a basic home security system at your new home, free of charge. If your new home already has a home alarm system, we’ll waive our connection fee. Details and conditions apply.
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Up to $1,360 in deductible reimbursement

If you suffer a loss due to a home break-in or fire, we will reimburse your paid homeowners insurance deductible up to $1,360. Details and conditions apply.
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Get rewarded for your satisfaction

Our referral program helps keep your family and friends safe and connected plus rewards you with free monitoring.
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