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Introducing the Flex 360, our next-generation remote security sensor designed for monitoring property and assets almost anywhere. Whether it’s in your backyard or on the other side of the country, our durable, battery-powered sensor provides real-time alerts so you can keep an eye on what matters most, anywhere that may be.

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Flex 360 Works anywhere there’s LTE cellular coverage—panel, hub or Wi-Fi not required! Is ruggedized and weather-proofed for the outdoors. Has an expected battery life of 2+ years (and optional wired power)

Flex 360’s cellular connection lets you monitor property anywhere there’s a cell signal, no matter how far away.

  • Know instantly if someone enters your property or moves equipment.
  • Get a reminder if a door or gate isn’t closed by a required time.
  • Check in anytime to view Flex 360’s status in your Alert 360 app.

flex 360 device
flex 360 logoThe Flex 360 integrates seamlessly into your Alert 360 smart security system and becomes part of your smart home.

The Flex 360 features a magnetic reed switch, loop input and relay output to accommodate a wide range of use cases. Receive real-time alerts whenever:

  • Doors or windows are opened and closed (or left open)
  • Perimeter gates are accessed
  • Freestanding items are moved (just connect magna-pull sensors to the built-in loop input)
  • The device is tampered with



If your backyard toolshed sits beyond the limits of your home’s Wi-Fi, you might have accepted that you couldn’t monitor it using traditional security sensors. But what if there was a better way to keep an eye on property and equipment outside your home?

Meet Flex 360 from Alert 360, an entirely new kind of sensor that offers limitless possibilities for monitoring property and equipment virtually anywhere. Flex 360 is an award-winning solution for remote security challenges, making it easy to protect everything from toolsheds to barns, gates, boats, RVs, equipment and more.

Sets Up In Just Seconds

You can install Flex 360 in just seconds, on almost anything: doors, gates, fences, tools, and even freestanding vehicles like RVs, ATVs, motorcycles, boats, etc, through its wired magna-loop option. Just attach Flex 360 for fast, uninterrupted monitoring through heatwaves, rain and snow.

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