Alert 360, a top-rated and industry-leading home security company, is warning homeowners with home security systems about common security scams used by some security companies. These home security companies often use false sales tactics to trick homeowners into signing contracts, which can result in homeowners being billed by two companies for the same service.

“While spring and summer often are prime times for door-to-door sales and potential security contract scams, we’re hearing from customers who are being approached year-round, especially in our service areas with warmer climates,” said Richard Ginsburg, president and CEO, Alert 360. “Our customers who use our ‘Scam Alert’ webpage and hotline share that these suspicious tactics include representatives from other home security providers posing as our representatives who want access to their homes, accounts, or security systems. These tactics are not uncommon, and we’ve been working with our customers for years to raise awareness of this security threat and share steps to avoid being scammed.

“These high-pressure and deceptive sales practices often result in a homeowner unknowingly signing contracts with two home security companies, damage to the security system, and unintended access to a bank account,” said Ginsburg. “We always recommend that homeowners not feel pressured to sign a contract without taking time to review the details, understanding the terms, and checking with their current security provider.”

With nearly 50 years of experience installing home security systems and providing security alarm system monitoring, Alert 360 warns home security owners to be on the alert for home security salespersons who might:

Tell you that your current home security provider is no longer in business, no longer serves your area, or was sold to their company;

-Ask you to sign a new contract to ensure your security service continues;

-Request access to your security system or tells you that your system has been recalled, requires replacement or repair;

-Show documents to support claims they need access to your system; and

-Use high-pressure tactics to force you to sign a new contract on the spot and won’t allow you to contact your current provider.

-Alert 360 shares these steps to safeguard your home, security system, and bank accounts:

-Call your home security company to confirm it has sent a representative or to check the details;

-Check all the details before signing a contract so that you don’t end up being billed by two home security companies;

-If you have a doorbell camera, view who’s at your door using a mobile app and your smartphone, or ask the visitor for more information, such as a company name and phone number – even if you’re not home;

-Know the facts. Stay up to date on news from your home security company by checking its website often and following your provider’s blog and social media accounts; and

-Report suspicious activity concerning a person going door to door in your neighborhood, or call your home security provider when you have concerns.

“At Alert 360, we take providing home and business security very seriously and have been combatting deceptive security sales for decades,” said Ginsburg. “Fortunately, when homeowners are aware of these tactics and know the steps to avoid being scammed, they can more easily protect their homes, security systems, and bank accounts. We encourage all Alert 360 customers to visit and click on the ‘Scam Alert’ tab at the top of our homepage.”

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