A Guide to Home Automation

Image removed. Smart home features were once thought of as features of a science fiction home from the future. But with home automation, the future of home security and convenience is now. Controlling lights with a wireless device? Seeing who is at your front door from a small computer that fits in your pocket? Setting specific, reactive schedules based on weather and time of day? It’s all possible with home automation. And believe it or not, home automation is much more accessible than it used to be. With plenty of direct-to-consumer products created by some of the biggest tech companies today, more and more people are discovering the amazing benefits of home automation. And when that technology is installed and powered by your security provider, the levels of integration get even deeper!

Why Home Automation?

 For one, it can help boost any existing home security systems in place while also running your home much more efficiently. The innovative home automation solutions from Alert 360 connect to your home directly through your smartphone, tablet or computer.

How it works:

Like an amazing universal remote control, smart home automation from Alert 360 gives you the power to control not only your security system but all exterior door locks, interior and exterior lighting, as well as temperature control – from anywhere! There are plenty of myths surrounding home automation. Maybe you're thinking, "this all sounds great, but is it just a more costly hassle than what I currently use?" We're so glad you asked. On average, people with home automation actually receive home insurance savings of up to 15%. This equates to an extra $1,154 per year (which is about $3 per day back in your pocket!). But what about the specific features? Extra insurance savings are great, but they're really the icing on the cake of home automation gadgets' comfort, convenience, and control. Let's take a look at what you're really getting when you make your home a smart home.

Smart Thermostats

Image removed. Smart thermostats are your first line of defense against increasing energy costs. By more meticulously regulating your home's temperature, you can be sure that nothing is wasted. When outside temperatures fluctuate to extreme highs and lows in summer and winter, especially at different times of the day, you can be sure your thermostat reacts. Set specific schedules based on time or create a rule that your home temperature never gets to an uncomfortably high or low degree. Plus, with remote control via your app, you see your energy use on the fly and can change temperatures from anywhere. That means if you left your air conditioning running for vacation, you can easily adjust or turn it off completely, even if you're already at your destination. Remotely controlling your thermostat any time you’re out of the house helps ensure heating and cooling costs stay low, no matter where you are. Especially when considering that heating and cooling make up 56% of your energy bill on average. You can even set alerts for erratic changes to your thermostat so you’re never caught off guard by an unusually high bill for a more active month!

Smart Lights

Much like your smart thermostat, a set of smart lights can greatly cut into your energy usage. You can not only control brightness and set timers to ensure lights that don't need to be on stay off but analyze your usage in real time to get the most out of your light sources. Consider this: a Z-Wave Dimmable LED Standard Light Bulb from Alert 360 provides pleasant soft-white illumination equivalent to 750 lumens found in a normal 60-watt incandescent bulb, yet it only uses 9 watts of energy! Additionally, smart bulbs have an estimated lifespan of over 20 years! The smallest tweaks to your schedules and routines can make the biggest difference to your monthly and annual savings. And, also much like smart thermostats, controlling smart lights remotely ensures you never accidentally leave the lights on while you're out of the house. Smart lights are just another example of how home automation not only makes life more convenient but more efficient as well!

Doorbell Cameras and Surveillance

Doorbell cameras have become increasingly popular as a standalone, direct-to-consumer home security product. And it's no wonder! Doorbell cameras are useful because they make it easy to securely screen visitors, check for packages, and monitor your front door. And when you choose to include doorbell cameras as a part of your home automation package, your camera feed will be a part of the same user experience platform as all of your other smart home features. And you can take home surveillance to another level with a full array of video surveillance services. Integrating your camera system with Alert 360 protection lets you check in on your home or business with live and recorded video from anywhere, using your smartphone or tablet with cloud-based video surveillance. Security cameras from Alert 360 provide even more layers of home automation integration:
  • Smart clips create automatic video clips when your system disarms, your smart-locked front doors open, or an alarm is triggered.
  • Get smarter video alerts with video analytics that distinguish people from animals or vehicles, letting you know when someone arrives on your property or front door.
  • Trigger smart automation like activating lights when a car or person is detected in your driveway or property parking lot.
  • See greater details in your security feed with high-definition recording and compression.

Smart Locks

Image removed. When it comes to smart locks, the idea of greater convenience typically comes to mind. Have you ever stayed at an AirBnb or house sat for a friend, but didn't have a key? In those cases, maybe you received a door code to punch in for quick entry. And while remote locking and unlocking is a major selling point for smart locks, it's really only the beginning of some other amazing features. For one, did you know you can give every member of your home unique access codes? This lets you better track who is coming and going and when. Have a maintenance worker stopping by but can't be at home to let them in? Simply set a temporary code for access that won't work beyond the given day. Some additional smart lock features include:
  • Create and store up to 25 unique pin codes to share with friends and family
  • Convenient night entry with illuminated push buttons
  • Motorized tapered deadbolt helps align your door during locking
  • Monitor when family members or friends come and go with automated alerts
  • View the status of all locks remotely, plus automatically lock out all users with a privacy feature
And remember, like every other product and feature in this guide, you have the ability to control everything from the convenient platform of a single smart device. Now that's control!

Quality Smart Security Tips and Solutions from Alert 360

Thankfully, home automation is no longer an idea of a fictionalized future. Now, you can enjoy the control and convenience of smart home automation devices that integrate directly with your Alert 360 security system while making your home more energy efficient in the process. For more about Alert 360 home security services, business security systems, company history, locations, and more, visit Alert360.com. Alert 360 is an award-winning company offers free security system consultations and is currently hiring. For a new career click the following link: home security careers. Branch offices: Anaheim Home Security Atlanta Home Security Austin Home Security Dallas Home Security Fort Worth Home Security Fresno Home Security Houston Home Security(North Office) Houston South Home Security Kansas City Home Security Los Angeles Home Security Miami, OK Home Security Oklahoma City Home Security Philadelphia Home Security Phoenix Home Security Sacramento Home Security San Antonio Home Security San Diego Home Security Sarasota Home Security Springfield, MO Home Security Tulsa Home Security Wichita Home Security Alert 360 Blog is ranked one of the top 10 Home Security Blogs in the United States.