Moving to a new home – make your move easier! With school out, summer is a time when many families make the move to a new home. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, you have plenty to do. We’re here to help, with this list of some of our favorite tips or resources for planning your big move and settling in successfully:

  • Keep it manageable and take breaks. Set a goal each day for packing a room or a number of boxes, and then rest. If possible, avoid nonstop packing so you’re not exhausted when you arrive at your new home.  
  • One of the best ways to maintain your sanity during a move is to be prepared.
  • Along with the typical must-have moving supplies, consider newspapers and inexpensive paper towels. After you’ve used them for wrapping fragile items, they can pull double duty for cleaning at your new place.
  • Don’t forget to contact all service providers, such as your internet and utility companies, to let them know about your move and to transfer services so you can be up and running – not to mention comfortable and connected – the first day in your new home. At Alert 360, we offer an exclusive move program when you take our alarm monitoring or home automation services> with you. Ask your other providers about similar programs.
  • You’ll also want to ensure your new home is safe and secure from day one. Don’t forget: With so much on your plate, your home automation system can help right away, whether you misplace your keys or just need to light up your house so that it appears occupied between trips.
  • Bags or boxes? Color-coded packing or not? Frequent movers agree that finding a system that works for you is best but that labeling is keyfor everyone. Mark boxes, using a consistent method, such as room name, or use different colored markers for different rooms. Also, using bags for items such as pillows, blankets, towels, etc. can make hauling easier. The flexible shapes of bags also can fit in spaces boxes often won’t when packing a van or truck.
  • Avoid a hungry and unhappy family especially on the day of the big move. Safeguard the box with must-have kitchen appliances, such as your coffee maker or toaster, and consider buying disposable plates, bowls, etc. for that first few days. You won’t want to be hunting for cereal bowls that first morning – without caffeine.
  • Take advantage of monitored security services with mobile apps that allow you to unlock doors for movers, contractors, or house sitters while you’re on the road or at work. If your home has security cameras, set a schedule to receive convenient video clips sent to your phone, tablet, or desktop so you can see what’s happening and ensure all is well when you can’t be there.
  • A move can be hardest on kids. Be sure to pack your child’s favorite toys or comfort items last, and unpack those same items first. Involve children in the move as much as possible, during the hunt for a new home or by researching your new city. Let them decorate packed boxes and help pick new paint colors. Try to avoid other major changes during the move, such as potty training or transitioning from crib to bed.
  •  You’ll also want to keep your beloved pets comfortable and safe during a move. Check with your vet before you go and identify a new provider if moving far away. Also, be sure pets’ identification tags, registrations, and vaccinations are up to date. (Consider a tag with your cell phone number and not your former home phone number.)

Finally … don’t overlook these easy security measures during the move and make safety a priority from day one:

  • Make sure existing smoke or carbon monoxide detectors are working or being monitored by an alarm center that can send for help when or if you can’t.
  • Put window coverings in place – even if temporary – so your valuables are not visible to others when you’re making trips back and forth between homes or still unpacking. Also, if you’re making purchases for your new home, such as a larger TV, avoid leaving the discarded packaging by the curb and advertising the new item to potential thieves.
  • Make sure locks work on all doors and windows and that your house address is easily visible for emergency personnel. Consider reprogramming garage door openers, and be sure to turn on outside lights at night.
  • Take stock of household items. Moving is a great time to create an updated inventory of your valuables for insurance purposes.

A few final suggestions and some of the most important: Keep a sense of humor and make your move an adventure. Don’t forget to record the milestone with pictures. Chances are, you’ll make some memories that last a lifetime and you’ll want to remember those first moments in your family’s new home sweet home.

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