Shareable tips for Halloween! Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, chances are trick or treaters will be out in your neighborhood, gathering at parties, or parading around town. Both personal safety and home security can be a concern – but not so much if you follow a few simple steps and stay aware of the potential for scary things to happen. Consider it an opportune time to gather with your neighbors to and share family safety and home security ideas, including the following.

Keep Yourself and Others Safe when You’re Out and About
Make your family’s safety and the well-being of others a priority on Halloween. Reviews these tips with your family and share them with teenagers who get behind the wheel or plan to go out for the night.

  • Use the buddy system. Trick or treat in groups and be sure to send an adult with little ones.
  • Use reflective tape or lights on costumes and ensure everyone who’s walking can be seen.
  • Consider safe alternatives to wandering dark streets, such as community gatherings and trunk-or-treat events.
  • Stress the importance of following all pedestrian and safety laws. Cross streets only at corners and never between parked cars.
  • Drive below the posted speed limit especially in residential areas, allowing extra time to react if a child runs into the street.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for children in dark costumes, who also might have limited vision because of masks. When planning costumes, it’s best to avoid those that restrict your sight.
  • Know that excited children and groups might not be paying close attention to where they are walking so you need to be extra careful when driving.
  • When in the car, go ahead and turn on your headlights in the daylight so you’re extra visible.

Protect your Property and Secure your Home from Break-ins
Prepare for Halloween night – and the holiday season ahead – with these easy steps for increasing your home’s security.

  • If you venture out, keep an eye on your vacant home. If you don’t have an alarm system, with  outdoor video cameras, team with trusted neighbors to keep an eye out for each other.
  • Light up the night. Check that your motion lights, especially around vulnerable areas of your yard and near exterior entrances, are operating. Leave on several interior lights to avoid a dark home, which can attract would-be thieves. Or, use your home automation system and remotely controlled lighting to make your home appear occupied when you’re away.
  • Be prepared for tricksters and touch base with your neighborhood watch group. Simply raising awareness and increasing communications can go a long way in keeping your neighborhood safe. If your home alarm system includes video cameras, use them to monitor or review suspicious activity, such as vandalism and people going door-to-door, looking for easy entry.
  • Remember your pets’ safety and keep them inside, away from crowds and unfamiliar faces, which can be spooky for them and cause aggressive behavior.
  • If you’re not planning to hand out candy and greet trick or treaters, you can still keep an eye on your front door with a video doorbell camera and our mobile security app – whether upstairs relaxing or enjoying dinner out.
  • Be sure to arm your monitored security system when you leave home. Not sure if you did? Geo-Services means that you’ll never wonder again. If you leave your house without arming your security system or locking your smart locks, your security app will notify you when you cross your geo-fence. Remotely control your security system, arm your system or lock your doors through your app, without going back home to check.

Avoid Halloween Party Mishaps and Emergencies 
If you’re hosting a party, you’ll want to keep all the guests safe and healthy. Here are some tips for keeping the festivities fun, not frightful:

  • Keep candles, including those inside pumpkins, away from doorsteps, walkways, and flammable objects, such as curtains or decorations. Better yet: Avoid using candles with real flames and go for battery-operated candles. If you must use a lit candle, keep it out of the reach of pets and small children, and never leave it unattended.
  • Be sure walking areas, porches, and stairs are well-lit and free of obstacles that could cause someone to fall.
  • Be aware of potential allergies and provide healthy treat options.
  • Ensure there are plenty of adults to supervise the number of younger guests attending.
  • Just in case: To make it easy for emergency personnel (and guests) to locate your home, install easy-to-read and illuminated address numbers in a visible place on the front of your house.
  • Prior to Halloween is a great time to increase your home’s security and family safety.

More Likely to Hide Inside and Enjoy the Quiet?

And, finally, it’s OK if you’re one of those neighbors who turn off all your lights and hides in the basement, watching a movie and not handing out treats. You can still keep an eye on your front door and speak to visitors if you want – remotely. The latest and coolest video doorbell cameras help you do just that (and will come in especially handy when those holiday packages start arriving in a few short weeks – and the potential for porch thieves rises). Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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