It’s a fact that a monitored home security system can help prevent break-ins. Even having a yard sign from a reputable alarm provider makes your home less likely to be the target of a home burglary. You probably also know a security system can help keep an eye on children and elderly parents, alerting you when they arrive home safely and ensuring they are secure at home. However, there are several other advantages in having a monitored alarm system that you won’t want to overlook.

The Surprising Benefits of Having a Home Security System
Today’s security system providers offer so many more benefits that not only keep loved ones and property safe but add convenience and savings for busy families. Consider these five things a security system can offer you.

Savings on your Home Insurance Premium and Insurance Deductible Reimbursement
Many home insurance providers offer a discount on their insurance premiums if you have a professionally monitored security system. According to a survey of the nation’s 10 largest insurance companies, the average premium discount for a home equipped with an alarm system is 20 percent. At Alert 360, our Security System Ownership Certificate provides proof of eligibility if your insurance carrier offers such a discount. For less than the cost of a monthly dinner out for a family of four, you can feel safer knowing your home is protected and potentially enjoy savings on your home insurance!

At Alert 360, we’ll also pay your insurance deductible up to $1,360, the highest of any security company, in the event of a loss due to fire or burglary while being monitored, offering true peace of mind.

Contact your insurance provider today if you aren’t already enjoying a monitored alarm discount on your home insurance premium.

Ability to Answer the Door from Anywhere Using a Video Doorbell
Our slim line video doorbell allows you to keep a better eye on your front door whether you are upstairs or across town. With two-way voice, the doorbell camera enables you to speak to those who stop by – even uninvited guests – and lets them know you’re aware of their visit. Seeing who’s at your door before you answer it and being able to ask a visitor to show identification from the safety of inside your home also can help prevent you from becoming a victim of door-to-door security scams.

If you’re reading this blog and want to save on a doorbell camera, give us a call!

Reduced Energy Use, Lower Utility Bills, and a Safer, Brighter Homecoming
One of the easiest ways to prevent break-ins while you’re away is to remotely control lights and sound systems, making your home appear occupied. Controlling your lighting and other appliances can save energy too. Smart lighting devices, such as the Z-wave light bulb. and plug-in, allowing you to turn on or off lighting – controlling your energy use and avoiding the appearance of a deserted home – while you’re out and about.

At Alert 360, our free security app, allows you to easily control your home’s lights, doors, locks, and more no matter where you are, and even if someone forgot to close or lock an entrance. Our home security app also can help simplify and light the way when coming home with your arms full of groceries or sports equipment.

If your security system also includes asmart thermostat, you can set and adjust the temperature around your family’s unique schedule or control it via your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. As part of your security and home automation system, programmable thermostats and can help save up to $1,000 a year for most homeowners.

Connection to your Amazon Echo, Google Home or Apple Watch!
Amazon Echo and the Google Home easily integrate with your home security system and provide voice and mobile control within your home, from your office or the road. For busy families or elderly parents, it can’t get much easier than remote- or voice-controlled lighting, locks, and smart thermostats.

Protection for your Pets During an Emergency
When you install monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, your alarm monitoring provider can send for emergency personnel when you’re not home or are unable to call for help. Because we love our pets at Alert 360, we also created an emergency, pet decal to place in our customers’ windows and alert emergency personnel to be on the lookout for a beloved friend.

A full-service home security provider that offers home automationwireless home securityvideo cameras, a mobile app, and alarm monitoring provides benefits far beyond intrusion detection and protection from home break-ins. The ability to remotely control or set schedules for energy use create both comfort and savings that might surprise you! Today’s security and smart home devices also are more affordable than ever before. Plus, when you choose the right home alarm company, they often offer that help put money back in your pocket.

Whether you already have a home security system or are considering one, ask your security consultant about his or her provider’s exclusive programs, savings, and benefit that can save you money and provide invaluable peace of mind.

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