You’ve probably seen the news of homeowners who’ve caught bad guys in the act thanks to their home security cameras or front doorbell security cameras. Advances in technology and lower costs have made security cameras with remote access a reality for families across the country who want to see what’s happening in and around their homes or capture recordings for insurance and authorities. From keeping an eye on beloved pets, elderly parents, and teenage children to vulnerable areas around the home, such as swimming pools, medicine, liquor, or gun cabinets and safes, security cameras provide peace of mind and more.

Wireless security systems and the ability to control cameras with a convenient mobile app make securing your home easier than ever, but it’s not always bad guys we’re worried about. Sometimes, we just want peace of mind, to stay connected to loved ones, or control what’s happening at home while we’re away. Let’s explore the benefits of installing home security cameras and additional low- or no-cost tips for keeping your home safe as we head into spring.

The Benefits of Remote Security Camera Monitoring
Today’s affordable security cameras offer HD-quality recording, night vision, mobile app viewing and more. Think security cameras are too high-tech for everyday use or are only for upscale homes? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have an aging (or young) pet you’d like to check in on?
  • Do you have school-aged children who arrive home before you?
  • Would you like to know who comes to your front door whether you’re home or not?
  • Do you have packages delivered when you’re not home?
  • Do you have a swimming pool or backyard play area?
  • Do you store valuables in your garage?
  • Is there a sensitive area of your home you’d like to protect better?
  • Would you like to see what’s happening at home while you’re on vacation?
  • Do you have a rental or second property that you’d like to keep an eye on?
  • Do you want to save money on your insurance premiums?

With your answers in mind, it might be time to consider the many benefits of a security camera system and how it might work for you. A simple home security camera installation would allow you to:

Remotely Monitor Teenagers, Elderly Parents, or Pets 
Unfortunately, we can’t be in all places and with the ones we love at all times. It’s comforting to be able to check in using convenient and remote monitoring to see that all is well. Home security systems allow you to see that an elderly parent is up and around, children arrived home safely from school, and a pet is secure and happy – all while you’re out running errands, on a business trip, or stuck at the office.

Deter a Break-in Before it Happens and Prevents Crime to Your Property
Want to know one of the best ways to stop a burglar? Show him that your home is protected, with a yard sign from a reputable security company and alarm monitoring 24/7. Having a visible security camera and posting that your property is protected by video surveillance also help. Studies have shown that most burglars will avoid a home with a security system and move along to one that’s not protected. If a thief still attempts a break-in, most times the audible alarm will scare him away. Security cameras that catch a visual of the criminal also can help law enforcement.

If you can’t install a camera near every exterior door of your home, remember that motion lights help illuminate areas thieves might target for easy entry. Also, while you’re tackling spring yard work, trimming bushes and limbs away from doors and windows will help prevent easy access or hiding places for burglars. Don’t forget our other spring cleaning and yardwork tips that help make your home more secure year round.

Receive an Alert When Someone Visits Your Front Door, with a Front Doorbell Security Cameras
Not only is a doorbell camera a great way to prevent porch thieves, research has shown that up to 30 percent of burglars want the easy entry and simply walk into your home via the front door or use a window to get in. Some will even knock first to see if you’re home. Up to 60 percent use force on a weak door or window. When you have the latest security services or smart home products and forget to lock a door, you can do so remotely, using a security app. At Alert 360, our systems are capable of alerting you if you forgot to lock a door equipped with one of our automated door locks or if motion is detected in designated areas, such as an entryway.

Additionally, if you have a home security cameras or video front doorbell camera/, you can see and speak to anyone who comes to your door, whether you are upstairs or across town, let a visitor know you’re aware of his presence. Even without a doorbell camera, a high-quality security camera near the front door will record and alert you to a potential thief in action.

Overall, you’ll want to eliminate easy access. If you don’t already use them, installing dead-bolt locks and solid-core doors is a great task to add to your home improvement list for the spring. With the start of warmer weather and door-to-door sales, it’s also a great time to review our tips for staying safe when a stranger knocks at your door.

Use Outdoor Security Cameras to See Who Stops By or Cases Your Property 
Some would-be thieves will watch your home to learn your schedule or will stop by, pretending to be a trusted service provider who needs access to your home. It’s easy to keep an eye on visitors, whether you are home or not, with today’s easy-to-install, security cameras and remote security camera monitoring.

Remember: You can also use remote security cameras and our free mobile security app to help secure vacation and rental properties in the same way as your primary residence.

Use Home Security Cameras to Secure Cabinets and Gun Safes
Sadly, sometimes the people we invite into our homes are the ones who help themselves to our valuables or sensitive items. Whether it’s curious teenagers, nosey party guests, or someone looking for valuable items, you can keep an eye on areas where sensitive items – such as medications, guns, jewelry, or liquor – are kept, when you install home security cameras. At Alert 360, our most popular Alert 360® system can alert you if these areas are accessed, sending a text and capturing an image of the incident.

Remotely Monitor Swimming Pools and Play Areas 
Children should always be supervised when swimming or playing outside, but we can’t always control who might access our exterior areas when we’re not home, and sadly, sometimes our kids wander quickly out of sight. Having security cameras, along with access points that alert you when they’ve been opened, can go a long way in protecting your loved ones and anyone who comes onto your property. High-tech security systems will send you a text if the door to the pool has been opened or if a camera detects the presence of someone. Security cameras facing the backyard also help supervise older children – and even pets – who are playing outside.

Use Outdoor Cameras to Protect Valuables Outside Your Home
We recommend parking vehicles in an enclosed, secure garage but understand that’s not always possible. Unfortunately, vandals and thieves often target cars parked outside of homes. If you can’t secure your automobile, keep an eye on it and capture video of anyone who attempts to vandalize it or break into it. No matter if you use a security camera or not, always lock vehicles left outside and never leave valuables, including garage door openers, keys, work and personal documents with sensitive information, or cell phones, in the vehicle.

Finally, Where Should You Place Home Security Cameras?
As part of considering a security camera installation for your home, you’ll want to consider the best places for video surveillance. Our professional security consultants and installers have years of experience in working with homeowners and recommend cameras near the following areas:

  • Front doors and all main floor entrances
  • Garages and gates
  • First-floor windows
  • Main hallways, especially to bedrooms
  • The master bedroom
  • Near sensitive areas, such as pools or safes
  • Your driveway if possible


1080p Bullet Cameras are Inexpensive, Provide Easy Remote Monitoring

Video surveillance systems are no longer a service for only select homeowners. More and busier parents and pet owners are choosing today’s lower cost, home security cameras to protect their loved ones, properties, and overall peace of mind. For less than the cost of a family of four having dinner out, a monthly monitoring fee can help watch over your valuables, alert you to trouble, or send help even when you can’t call for it. At Alert 360, we’re happy to help and offer free, no-pressure security consultations if you’d like to learn more about our affordable Alert 360® security camera options that can be customized to meet your needs.

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