In our last blog, we shared “10 Security Tips for Older Children Who Stay Home Alone” and touched on helpful ways your monitored security service, smart home system, and mobile security app can increase the safety of your children after school. The ability to check in and remotely control doors, locks, lights and more using your smartphone, laptop or connected products is extremely convenient, saving you time and worry year round.

A Mobile Security App & Remote Monitoring Provide Easy, Smart Security 
A wireless smart home and security system allows you to see and control what happens at home conveniently and remotely, no matter where you are. It also gives your older children or elderly parents more independence in a secure environment, where help is a phone call, video, or text notification away.

Mobile app home security options and security cameras help you rest a little easier and give you the ability to stay connected, peek in, and receive visual verification of your loved ones’ activities around the home. Automatic push notifications and video clips alert you that all is well or that you need to check in.

How Home Security Systems and Home Automation Protect Family, Property 
Following are some of our favorite ways home security and smart home system eliminates worry and adds the benefit of home automation to your life.

Every day, you can use your smartphone and our free Alert 360 mobile app, which offers:

  • Keyless entry and access control
  • Video security so you can view the inside and outside of your home
  • Doorbell cameras to see and speak to front-door visitors, letting them know an adult is watching
  • Text and email push notifications to keep you aware of activities
  • A connection to 24/7 alarm monitoring so someone can call for help if you can’t
  • Cell phone notifications based on your child’s individual user code
  • Alerts if the child is late arriving home, accessing a door, or disarming your alarm system

Turn Your Smart Phone into a Home Security System
With our home security app and home security cameras, you stay connected to home and can:

  • Receive an alert when children arrive home safely or your parents are up and around
  • Lock doors, turn off lights, or close the garage door if a young student forgot
  • Know when your system is armed/disarmed
  • Visually check in during snack and homework time or when friends visit
  • Keep an eye on pets who are home alone during work and school hours
  • Ensure elderly parents are following their daily routines and are safe

Home Security Systems & Cameras Also Protect Liquor, Gun, or Medicine Cabinets
Is there a sensitive area of your home that requires a watchful eye or added protection? If someone accesses your swimming pool or liquor, gun, and medicine cabinet, you’ll receive a text or email notification, along with video clips.

Schedule a Free Home Security Evaluation Today to Learn More
It’s never been easier to keep an eye on home or ensure your family is safe and your property secure using your smartphone. Today’s wireless remote monitoring systems and video security cameras are easy and quick to install and eliminate worry over children, elderly parents, or pets who stay home alone.

At Alert 360, we offer free security consultations if you’d like to learn more.

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