It’s never been easier or more important to know who comes to your door or stops by when you’re not home. And, did you know that burglars most often gain entry through your front door? An easy-to-install front doorbell camera is the perfect solution for protecting your front door and home. The ability to allow controlled access to your home using smart door locks is also a welcome option for increasingly busy families. If you have a doorbell camera or connected, smart lock on your front door, you already know the convenience and peace of mind they offer. Without a doubt, there are numerous benefits to installing a home security systemsecurity cameras, video doorbell camera and smart locks.

Home Security Systems Doorbell Cameras Keep an Eye on Porch & Control Access to Home
Following are five ways to use a video doorbell and smart locks to ensure you’re getting the most from a home security system whether you already have one. Or if are considering installing home security cameras:

  • Know when important deliveries arrive and avoid stolen packages.
  • Greet visitors and unlock the door for them.
  • Speak to unexpected visitors so they know you’re watching.
  • Allow home contractors, housesitters, neighbors, or repairmen in.
  • Eliminate worry and lock or unlock doors without returning home.


Avoid Having Packages Stolen from Your Front Porch with Home Security Cameras
A doorbell camera allows you to view and capture video whether someone rings the doorbell or not. Porch thieves, or “porch pirates,” are on the rise, with the number of packages stolen from porches each year increasing. With a doorbell camera, you’ll be able to see when a package is delivered. Or take steps to have it secured inside sooner rather than later. You can speak to anyone who comes to your porch, attempting to steal your delivery.

Answer the Door from Anywhere Using a Video Doorbell Camera and Home Automation

With an Alert 360® HD video doorbell camera, you’ll know who’s at the front door and create an overall safer home. And, once you know who’s at the door, you’ll be able to offer easy access if your home is also equipped with smart locks you control from your cell phone. If your home is also equipped with security cameras, you’ll rest easy. You can visually check in and see what’s going on at home when you can’t be there. These benefits of a home security system are especially ideal if you have children arriving home after school before you get off work or you travel often.

Increase the Security of Your Front Door, Home and Family
Our video doorbell is mobile app friendly and allows you to keep a better eye on your front door whether you are upstairs or across town. With two-way voice, the doorbell camera enables you to speak to those who stop by – even uninvited guests – and lets them know you’re aware of their visit. Seeing who’s at your door before you answer it and being able to ask a visitor to show identification from the safety of inside your home. It can help prevent you from becoming a victim of door-to-door security scams.

The smart Alert 360 video doorbell is compatible with Apple iOS or Android and alerts you to a visitor no matter where you are. To make it easy, here’s a recap of features that most professionally installed video doorbells include:

  • Integration with home automation devices – Unlock the door right from the app when you receive a doorbell notification
  • On-demand video & recorded clips – Check live video from the app, or record clips automatically when the doorbell is pressed or motion is detected
  • Two-way audio – Have a two-way conversation with visitors from your mobile device
  • Motion sensor – Get alerts when visitors are in front of the door, even if they don’t press the doorbell
  • Full-color night vision – Feel safer knowing visitors can be seen even at night
  • Silent mode – Remotely turn off the indoor chime when someone is asleep. Receive notifications on your mobile device instead
  • Intelligent lighting automation – Set up rules to automatically turn on the porch lights when motion is detected at night
  • Multiple user capability – When the doorbell rings, alerts can be sent to multiple users on multiple devices


Worried You or Your Child Forgot to Lock a Door or Need Someone to Check on Home?
At Alert 360, our free Alert 360 mobile, security app allows you to easily control your home’s locks no matter where you are. It is super handy if you are someone else forgot to secure an entrance. If you’re traveling and need someone to check on your home or enter for any reason, you’ll be able to disarm your system and unlock a door – all from your mobile app.

Enjoy Mobile App Control with Wireless, Smart Home Security and Home Automation

When doorbell cameras and smart locks are part of your complete home security system, including home automation, wireless security, video cameras, a mobile app, and alarm monitoring, you enjoy benefits far beyond protection from home break-ins. The ability to remotely control locks and see – or speak to – anyone who comes to your front door provides invaluable peace of mind and everyday convenience.

Check on Insurance Savings for insurance deductible

One last tip: If your home is protected by a monitored security system, be sure to check on a home insurance premium discount with your home insurance provider. At Alert 360, our Security System Ownership Certificate provides proof of eligibility if your insurance carrier offers a discount. For less than the cost of a monthly dinner out for a family of four, you can feel safer knowing your home is protected and potentially enjoy savings on your home insurance!

Note: At Alert 360, we’ll also pay your if your home is protected by a monitored security system, insurance deductible up to $1,360, the highest of any security company, in the event of a loss due to fire or burglary while being monitored, offering true peace of mind.

Holidays – and every day – are happier when your home is safe and secure!

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