If you’re shopping for security cameras for your home or business,you’ve come to the right place. You’ve probably noticed that the internet is inundated with low-cost, DIY video cameras that promise the world. Unfortunately, these are not always sound purchases when investing in a home or business security. There are a number of reasons we’ve discovered for this.

Know your DIY Security Camera Options and Limitations

At Alert 360, we are constantly testing numerous smart security products and connected devices, including standalone, DIY self-cameras. We do this to test the waters and see how newcomers stack up against our award-winning Alert 360 video products and services.

(Plus, we love all things smart and security-related and continuously explore options and technology. Being knowledgeable also helps us provide more helpful consultations to our customers.) I personally started in the security industry more than 30 years ago as a teenager, working in many areas of the business from installing to sales. From then until now, I have even tested new products in my own home.

From our testing, we know that many of the latest DIY security cameras are provided by small startup companies. Launched on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter. Some are backed by huge, global companies hoping to gain access to your home with low-cost products and in order to sell you additional, pricier services.

Not all Security Cameras are Created Equal – Cheap is not better!

One example we explored is the Izon view, a neat little camera that has unfortunately already met its demise. The company announced on its website it is terminating service for these cameras on September 30th because of lack of funding. So, if you spent time and money researching, purchasing, and installing one, you now have nothing in return, including security.

Consider this When Buying a Security Camera The short-life and limited support of similar cameras can be the unfortunate realities of securing your home or business.

Using a new product, a young company, or a company with limited experience and resources to support products like these. We appreciate the effort behind these startups. But also know the years, investment, technology partners, and the team needed to make reliable products and services last for the long haul.

At Alert 360, we manufacture professional-grade video equipment. We also provide and support our own free security apps through iTunes or Google Play.

These apps allow you to remotely control or view your security cameras, home automation devices, lights, doors, sensitive areas and other access control points. And we stand behind our products and services, with a team of hundreds of security professionals.

Support for our Security Cameras is Just a Phone Call Away (from a Live Person in the United States)
All our Alert 360 smart security and automation products and services, including our video security options. They are backed by experienced security consultants and professional installers. They help ensure your video cameras are set properly.

They will be installed in places where they will be most effective. Behind our security cameras, we also provide in-home service. Also, online and phone support (maybe you’ve noticed our bright green Alert 360 service trucks in your neighborhood). Plus the strength of a 45-year-old company, with an A+ BBB rating.

Alarm Monitoring, Security Apps Provide the Highest Level of Security for Family, Home, Property

We also provide Five Diamond designated 24/7 alarm monitoring, so you receive the best of both worlds. Control at your fingertips, from your phone, laptop, tablet or Apple Watch. Using our free mobile apps, plus our trained alarm dispatchers ready to call for help if you or a family member cannot get to a phone or reach emergency personnel.

So, before you spend your hard-earned money – and place the security of your home, business, family or property – on just any “latest DIY camera” or startup, we encourage you to think twice and think Alert 360 security cameras.

Find your local Alert 360 team today to receive a free security evaluation. Call 833-360-1595.

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