Homeowners’ Favorite Smart Home Security Solutions for Fall

With Halloween past us – and the holidays approaching – it’s a perfect time to take stock of your home’s security and ensure your family and property is protected through the winter season. From smart lighting and indoor or outdoor security cameras to monitored carbon monoxide and heat detectors, there’s a variety of devices that can help protect the things you care about most. Bonus: Today’s home security options are accessible by mobile app. You can’t find protection for your home or loved ones that are much easier than that.

Our Most Popular and Useful Home Security and Home Automation Devices
If you’re new to home security or the latest home automation products, we’ll make it simple. There are a few home security favorites most homeowners install and report using daily. For the convenience and peace of mind, our customers’ favorite smart security and connected devices for fall and winter include:

• Our free, Alert 360 mobile apps
Smart locks and touchscreen deadbolts
Smart lighting with Z-Wave Dimmable LED light bulbs
Video doorbells
Smart garage door openers
Smart home video and home security cameras
• Programmable thermostats and energy management solutions
• 24/7 alarm monitoring

When combined with a total home security system, including our Alert 360 and Alert 360 Video apps, these options make a real difference in how Alert 360 families live and work and allow families to stay connected to their homes – checking in, controlling lights, locks, cameras, access – and even entertainment systems – from their smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Here are the top features and benefits homeowners enjoy, using these smart products and monitored alarm services to save time, money, and worry every day – but especially during the darker and cooler months of the year:

Smart locks and touchscreen deadbolts – Friends, family, and visitors come and go all week long. Often, we have others visiting or performing work in our homes. If you have young kids, your home life is even busier. Smart locks allow you to provide access from almost anywhere, using our mobile app. And, if your young student forgot to lock the door on his or her way out the door, you can take care of that too, remotely controlling locks from upstairs or across town.

Smart lighting and Z-Wave Dimmable LED light bulbs – Well-lit properties are less likely to be burglarized or vandalized. They are also safer to navigate when you arrive home late. At Alert 360, we recommend smart lighting around all exterior entrances and used in connection with devices such as doorbell cameras, to shine a light on anyone who stops by day or night. Z-Wave lightbulbs also allow you to control lighting, giving the appearance someone is home at night even when you’re not home.

Video doorbells – Much like the convenience of smart locks, video doorbells provide extreme convenience and peace of mind around a key access point to your home. With an easy-to-install doorbell camera, you can see and talk to visitors via your smartphone as well as record images of who comes to your door. Know when that valuable package arrives, protect deliveries year-round, prevent porch pirates, or see and allow access to visiting friends without leaving the comfort of your recliner!

Even with a video doorbell, we encourage enforcing strict rules about answering the door and share tips in this past blog. Remember: “Bad” guys can look nice or impersonate professionals we should trust. For more front-door security, have children follow our tips for staying safe when strangers knock.

Home security cameras and smart home video – Whether you travel often, work late, or are running to practices and school activities, there’s nothing more comforting than being able to check in at home and see that your pets, property, or elderly parents are safe. Read our previous blog Easily Protect Your Family, Property, and Pets with Home Security Cameras for the full benefits and tips for where to place your home security cameras to enjoy the most from remote security camera monitoring.

Smart garage doors – This one’s pretty straightforward and similar to smart locks. Eliminate worry whether you (or a teenage driver) left a garage door open or provide access to someone who needs in when you can’t be there. It’s as easy as a click on your smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch. Like smart locks and touchscreen deadbolts, smart garage doors provide easy access and added convenience to our busy days.

Programmable thermostats and energy management solutions – Our customers use our smart thermostats to help to trim their electric bills summer through winter. There are three primary ways automating your home helps reduce your energy use and saves you money. A home automation system, including smart thermostat, allows you to set your thermostat to automatically lower based on a smart schedule; remotely control and monitor energy use, turning off appliances when not needed, and set a schedule for lights to shut off or dim when you’re not home.

Our Alert 360 mobile apps – By far, the most popular features of our complete home security systems are our free mobile apps: Alert 360 or Alert 360 Video. Customers use these apps daily while away, to control the features shared above, or even from the comfort of their homes, to set “scenes” and easily control lighting, entertainment systems, thermostats and more as they settle into a movie or bed. (Setting your personal “scenes” is really cool. Learn more about that option in our previous blog “Use Home Security App Scenes to Automate Security.”)

24/7 alarm monitoring – While having access and control of all your home security and home automation devices using a mobile app is convenient, no one wants to stare at a screen all the time or be on constant alert. Our customers have the added reassurance of devices that are monitored 24/7 by our Five Diamond-designated monitoring center. This includes carbon monoxide, water, and smoke detectors so that even if there’s an emergency and you miss an alert or can’t get to a phone, our trained dispatchers will call for help. Home security systems that are professionally monitored also often help reduce your homeowner’s insurance premiums.

Monitored security and smart home system, with free mobile app control from almost anywhere, helps everyone – from older children who stay home alone, too anxious pet parents to your elderly relatives – stay and feel safer. Knowing they have extra eyes and ears around if needed provides welcome reassurance. As the days get shorter and darker in most parts of the country and we’re on the go to holiday events and family getaways, fall is the perfect time to increase the safety and security of your home and family. A smart home security system is easier than ever to use and an affordable option.

For less than one family dinner out each month, a monitored home security system will deliver invaluable peace of mind and convenience day after day, through fall and the rest of the year. From all of us at Alert 360, we wish you and your families a secure and happy fall.

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