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Five Top Tips and Questions to Consider when choosing the Best Home Security – Cameras – Automation

Five Top Tips and Questions to Consider When Choosing the Best Home Security System, Home Security Cameras, or Smart Home Automation Devices

There’s no question you, your family or small business could benefit from a security system or home automation. But, you might be asking yourself, “how do I choose the best home security system?” or “what is the best, highly rated home security company in my area?”

Choosing local home security, business security or smart home company doesn’t have to be difficult.

Start by asking yourself some basic questions that help determine your security system needs and options, such as:

• Do I want the benefits of a 24/7 monitored home alarm or business security system?
• Do I want to be able to control all of the components of my security system or smart home system from one app on my phone?
• Would I benefit from a complete security system, including smart locks, smar, lighting, access control, wireless security cameras and video doorbells, that all easily integrate?
• Do I want the convenience and assurance of having the security system professionally installed?
• How do the security providers in my area rate?
• Which security providers offer an insurance deductible benefit and certificate of installation for a potential discount on my homeowners’ insurance premium?
• Is there a local provider that can provide quality service along with the latest technology and company-owned vs. third-party monitoring?
• Does the alarm company provide a free security consultation to help with placement of sensors, security cameras, and access control devices?

Once you’ve nailed down your security needs and provider options, when planning to have a security system installed, consider these top questions and tips to help pick the best system based on your budget and lifestyle:

1: Is the security system professionally monitored 24/7, including for smoke, heat or carbon monoxide?

Having a security system installed that is also professionally monitored ensures added protection to life and property as well as your wallet. If your security system is monitored, you have the added benefit of the alarm monitoring company’s trained dispatchers receiving an alert that help is needed, whether you can get to a phone or not – in the event of a break-in, smoke, heat, fire, water, temperature change or carbon monoxide emergency.

For added peace of mind, you might ask if the monitoring center is company-owned or in the United States. At Alert 360, we offer Five Diamond-designated monitoring from our company-owned, UL Listed, monitoring center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All of our monitoring center representatives are background checked and receive ongoing training. In addition, as a Five Diamond alarm monitoring center, we satisfy all requirements of the “five points of excellence” as outlined by The Monitoring Association, and all of our alarm operators must pass the TMA Monitoring Center Operator course. We encourage you to ask any provider you are considering about their monitoring capabilities.

2. What smart home, connected or automation devices should I consider along with a complete, wireless security system?

Today’s smart home and security technology protects your home, family and property from much more than break-ins and theft. Be sure to look for a security system provider who also has access to and can install or service all the latest home automation and connected devices so that your system fits your lifestyle and provides convenience in addition to security.

For example, at Alert 360, in addition to the latest security solutions, we offer smart locks, smart thermostats, smart lighting options, video doorbells, video security cameras, as well as connected garage doors, sprinklers, sound systems, Amazon Echo, Google Home, Sonos smart speakers and more.

These devices allow you to stay connected, aware and in control, using a simple mobile app, which leads us to our next question to ask when considering a home security system.

3. Can I control the system and receive alerts via an app?

An app as part of your security or smart home system adds tremendous value and peace of mind. Together with your wireless security and our Alert 360 app, for example, you have the option of monitoring all sorts of situations and ability to respond to emergencies such as fire, water leaks, drastic temperature changes, and carbon monoxide levels. When combined with energy management and home automation devices, your app also can make you more aware of energy waste and give you the ability to control connected, smart devices, such as smart thermostats and lighting.

Your app can also lend a hand when keys are lost, packages are delivered, strangers stop by, garage doors are left open or children access sensitive or dangerous areas. Our Alert 360 app also allows users to set “scenes” to add comfort to daily routines, locking doors at bedtime or prepping your home for family movie night by turning the lights down, all with a simple tap on your phone or Apple Watch. Alert 360 customers consistently share that there’s immense comfort in seeing what’s happening at home via smart home video, receiving alerts when there could be an issue, and being able to control numerous devices from home, office or while out of town.

Read our previous blog “How to use Home Security Systems, Mobile Apps to keep Children, Elderly Safe” for more helpful ways to use your alarm system app.

4. What other benefits do I receive when installing a security system that includes professional alarm monitoring?

With most security systems and monitoring being extremely affordable, there’s little reason to go it alone, buying various DIY products, monitoring it or trying to tie it all together yourself. Most reputable companies provide a free security consultation that will help you design a security system that takes into consideration your home’s size, your lifestyle and family’s routine – and provide support along the way.

In addition, there’s added value when having your home monitored by a professional alarm provider 24/7. Most home insurance providers offer a discount on your homeowner’s insurance premium for having a monitored security system. At Alert 360, we also offer one of the highest insurance deductible reimbursement benefits.

5. Will help be available if I need service on my security system or to add additional smart home devices and security cameras?

With a professionally installed system, backed by a 24/7 alarm monitoring center, local service technicians and installers, and a branch team, help is always available. Companies with years of experience and larger service teams often also come with the technology to work faster and better for you, troubleshooting your system, fixing issues or providing digital upgrades remotely.

Another critical component of having an experienced and professional team behind your security service is that we’re there for you for the long haul. While some new companies might offer DIY security cameras, sensors or devices, you can’t always know how long the company will be around or what support might be available for those products long after the company has been bought or gone out of business.

One additional tip when installing a security system
Be sure to check out a security provider’s website to review all the home security, business security, home automation and connected home options they offer. Take some time to review the company’s benefits, customer testimonials, and Better Business Bureau reviews.
At Alert 360, we’re incredibly proud of our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and offer free home or business security consultations to help you design the most beneficial security system based on your needs. For a more complete list of FAQs about our company and services, visit our online support page.

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