National statistics show that home burglaries and crime often increase with warmer weather. Use the following home improvement tips to reduce your chances of your house being broken in to!

Alert 360 home security, the fifth largest provider of security systems and smart home automation services in the United States, suggests the following springtime landscaping and home improvements for increasing your home’s security and family’s safety.

“Spring is a prime time to take a look around your home and address vulnerable areas and places where home security can be improved, including landscaping. Whether you take a DIY approach or hire landscaping professionals, there are a few easy steps you can take to make your home less attractive to burglars and help protect against break-ins,” said Richard Ginsburg, president, and CEO, Alert 360.

Securing your home tips

First, prevent easy entry and protect your property with these home security and home improvement tips:

Prune shrubs, trees and bushes to reduce hiding places for thieves;

Trim tree limbs away from second-story windows and plant thorny or prickly bushes around windows at ground level;
Put away items that might aid a burglar in accessing your home, such as ladders, trashcans, and buckets, which can be used to scale a fence or enter a window;

Install motion lights and smart lighting invulnerable or isolated areas and near entrances;

Don’t hide a spare key outside. Everyone knows to look there, including bad guys. Consider keeping a spare key with a trusted neighbor instead or installing smart locks and keyless entry;

Install deadbolt locks on all exterior doors. It sounds simple, but also keep all doors locked, even when you’re home. Be sure windows are locked when you leave home;

Screen visitors before opening the door. Warmer weather is also the season for door-to-door sales. While some visitors who come to our doors don’t appear threatening, it’s wise to be cautious of scams;

Consider a doorbell camera so you can see who’s on your front porch. also, allow you to speak to visitors;

Don’t leave garage doors open even when working around the home. Burglars look for easy opportunities and can be quick to grab and run;

Report suspicious neighborhood activity and share information on handy apps, such as Nextdoor;

Install peepholes and ask to see identification from service and delivery people; and

Review Alert 360’s front door security tips with your children so they know what to do when a stranger comes to the door.

“Thieves look for easy access and don’t want to be noticed,” said Ginsburg. “While a home with a dog, security system yard sign, and 24/7 alarm monitoring is less likely to be broken into, these security measures also prevent entry into your home and increase the overall protection of your family, property, and neighborhood.”

Increasing Overall Home Security

Next, focus on increasing overall home security. Remember: A home that appears occupied is less likely to be the target of a break-in. Follow these steps to deter burglars whether you are home, at work, or on vacation:

Use smart lighting and Alert 360 mobile app “scenes” to remotely or automatically turn lights on or off when you’re away, on your way home, or preparing for bed, security cameras;

Maintain routine yard care and take advantage of connected devices such as the Rachio smart watering system. This sprinkler system easily integrates with the Alert 360 mobile app for remote and automated control;

Request that mail or deliveries be stopped or held while you’re away;

Lock all vehicle doors and do not store garage door openers in vehicles parked outside. If your car is parked in the driveway, have a friend move it occasionally.; and

Prevent smash and grabs. Avoid displaying high-dollar items where they can easily be seen through windows.

“At Alert 360, we suggest that home- and business owners relax but don’t let their guards down,” said Ginsburg. “Following these easy steps – along with optimal use of a smart security system – at the start of spring will help deter crime and prevent theft at home or a small business year-round.”

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