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Alert 360 Home Security Shares Tips to Protect Your Home, Family from a Home Security Scam

Alert 360 Home Security warns homeowners about sales tactics used to gain access to home alarm systems, security contracts or financial accounts

Beware of suspicious tactics that would include others posing as our representatives, who want access to your home or security system.

Alert 360, the fifth largest provider of home security systems and smart home automation in the United States, is reminding homeowners to be on the lookout for door-to-door home security salespersons who use misleading sales tactics to gain access to your home, bank account or home alarm system.

“While most home security service providers are highly reputable and trustworthy, some alarm companies seek new customers through aggressive door-to-door sales and will target homes with security yard signs. These salespeople often spread misleading or untrue statements in order to obtain a signature on a new alarm monitoring contract,” said Richard Ginsburg, president, and CEO, Alert 360. “Fortunately, it can be easy to detect deceitful salespersons based on the approach they use.”

Home Security Scam Tactics:

Beware of suspicious tactics that would include others posing as our representatives, who want access to your home or security system.

According to Alert 360, which has been installing and monitoring home security systems for more than 45 years, salespersons looking to scam homeowners will often tell alarm owners their current provider no longer monitors the system. Or, has been bought, sold or gone out of business, or that the equipment is outdated and needs to be updated. The goal of these misleading security sales tactics is to obtain the homeowner’s signature on a new contract. And, to adjust the alarm system, switching it to a new monitoring center. These actions often cause a customer to be double billed and under contract with two providers.

“Alert 360 has been protecting families, homes, and businesses for nearly a half-century, and we take the trust our customers place in us very seriously,” said Ginsburg. “Every year, we remind our customers of these fraudulent security sales tactics as well as work with those who have been approached or scammed. We understand that the companies that use these aggressive sales tactics cause tremendous inconvenience and worry for our customers. Our goal is to make as many home alarm customers aware as possible of these unfortunate tactics.”

Protect Yourself from Door-to-Door Fraud and Know these Common Home Security Scam Tactics:

Working with its customers, Alert 360 has gathered the most commonly used phrases, false statements, or tactics home security scammers use. The company advises homeowners to be wary of anyone who:

Tells you your alarm provider is no longer in business, no longer serves the area, or was sold to their company;

Asks you to sign a new contract to ensure your security continues;

Asks for access to your system;

States the home security system has been recalled and requires replacement or upgrading that day;

Shows you documents to support claims they need access to your system;

Uses high-pressure tactics to force you to make a decision on the spot and won’t allow you to check all the details before signing a contract;

Appears for a service call without scheduling an appointment in advance;

Provides a different phone number than you typically use to contact your monitored alarm or security system company;

Refuses to provide a business card or company contact information; or

Does not allow you time to call your own provider to check if service is needed on your system or a representative is in the area.

To protect your home and neighborhood from suspicious door-to-door activity, Alert 360 recommends that you report the suspected fraud to your home security provider, your state’s Better Business Bureau, and local police or sheriff. Alert 360 customers are encouraged to visit the company’s scam alert site to learn more or report any suspicious behavior. Alert 360 customers also can call the company at 1-888-642-4567.

“Not everyone who visits your home is a bad guy or is trying to scam you into signing a contract on the spot,” said Ginsburg. “However, it’s good to know how to identify suspicious activity, such as someone attempting to obtain your bank account information, signature on a new contract, or access to your home and security system.

“It’s our hope that this information will help Alert 360 customers and all home security users gain peace of mind and rest easy, knowing they are prepared if someone uninvited comes to the front door with confusing information.”

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