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Top 10 Ways Homeowners Use Security Cameras

Security cameras are hugely popular home security & smart home option

Home security cameras have become commonplace as homeowners use the visual peace of mind to detect intruders, prevent theft, and protect the family. It’s no wonder. Wireless security cameras easily integrate into most home security alarm systems. And today’s home security cameras are accessible using a mobile app. The large growth in wired camera security is forecasted in this: Wired Security Camera Market analysis, competitive strategies, and forecast 2019-2026 These and other benefits make security cameras an easy choice for homeowners looking to beef up their home security.

Following are the top 10 ways homeowners use video surveillance or security cameras.

Home Security Cameras Allow You to:

See who comes to the front door. Whether you use a traditional security camera or a video doorbell, it’s comforting to see who stopped by or who’s at the door before you open it. At Alert 360, our doorbell camera includes two-way voice so that you also can speak to visitors.

Protect a back door or garage area. While a vulnerable front door is a popular entry point, thieves also look for easy to access or hidden areas of entry. Make sure your home security plan includes a camera on these sensitive areas.

Keep an eye on pets. It’s natural to wonder if our furry friends are safe while we’re away. Checking in using a 24/7 full-time security cameras helps you know that they are. Or, you’ll discover where your missing shoe went!

Stay aware of elderly parents’ activity and safety. Is your mother up and around the house today? Did your father access the medicine cabinet and take his medication? Has anyone visited the home who poses a risk to your parent? A complete home security system, including the ability to see that all is OK, delivers tremendous peace of mind as our parent’s age.

Protect sensitive areas, such as swimming pools, gun safes, liquor or medicine cabinets and backyards. Alert 360 security cameras include the ability to set alerts when motion is detected. Our Alert 360 smart home video also will send video clips to your phone if someone accesses an area that’s off limits.
Know when children arrive home safely. When we’re still at work, it’s comforting to know our kids got home OK. It’s even better when we can see they settled in with a healthy snack and their homework!

Know when important packages are delivered. You’ve probably seen the news of neighbors catching porch thieves in the act. With a security camera or doorbell camera, you’ll know as soon as a package is delivered. Keep an eye on it from afar until you get home. Have it picked up by a neighbor.  Or, see and speak to anyone who enters your property with ill intentions.

Protect vacation properties or second homes. Just having a home security yard sign and cameras on your property can prevent crime. A security system and camera can alert you sooner to potential trouble. Wireless security cameras also ensure service personnel arrive when work is scheduled.

Screen visitors using two-way voice and a visual. Sometimes, we’re home but don’t feel like answering the door. That’s OK! Some of us use our doorbell cameras to see who’s at the door. Then, we use our secure mobile app to unlock the door if it’s a visiting friend or family member.

To obtain digital back up of critical events that occur. Security camera video clips are helpful in the event of a break in or insurance claim.

At Alert 360, we are the 5th largest provider of homes and families in the United States. Without a doubt, access and awareness provided by security cameras are among our customers’ most valued services. When combined with home automation and security system, professionally installed security cameras deliver optimal security. Easy camera access using a mobile app – plus 24/7 alarm monitoring for when help is needed – provide invaluable peace of mind.

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