While millions of homeowners have enjoyed security systems for decades, Alert 360 is now seeing a related, popularity rise in home automation. It saves money! Technology has made home automation more accessible than ever, allowing more homeowners to enjoy the convenience and money-saving features of modernizing a home. Like a home security system, with time, a home automation system pays for itself. Home automation has made a digital impact on the term Smart Home – in the world of IoT!

Today’s alarm systems include more complex technology behind the scenes but remain simple in the ways they help save money. Home security systems have advanced to include remote control via a mobile app. They also now include home automation features that allow more control over your home’s environment, security and energy use.

The bottom line: Home automation products and security services can make your life easier and more secure. Home automation systems turn your home into a smart home and create real convenience and savings. Fortunately, with a home security provider on your side, it’s easy to add automation to your home.

Most home automation solutions are wireless, making non-intrusive. But, what does home automation include and what can you expect to gain? Home automation systems include smart thermostats, Z-Wave dimmable LED light bulbs, key-free Z-wave deadbolt locks, smart garage door openers and much more. We also offer professional installation or integration of connected devices. Such as sprinkler systems, sound systems, Amazon Echo, Google Home, doorbell cameras, and more. Overall, these devices give you more control over energy use in your home all year-round. Home automation, along with devices such as security cameras, connect you to home and help increase awareness and family safety.

Can a home automation system really save you money? There are multiple ways home automation can reduce the strain on your family budget. At Alert 360, we help homeowners install home automation systems that allow you to:

Set a smart schedule with specific lighting controls – Chances are, your house sits empty for most of the day. With home automation, automated lighting systems can dim lights throughout the day, depending on your schedule, saving as much as an estimated $20-$30 per month.

Remotely turning off lights – Many homeowners use home automation systems to turn off lights when there’s no one home, if they forgot when leaving. Our Z-Wave lighting can be controlled with a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, easily helping to reduce energy use.

Use keyless entry and remote locking/unlocking – Our Z-Wave key-free deadbolt lock allows you to lock/unlock your door by entering your pin code on its keypad. You can also control the lock through a Z-Wave smart home or our mobile app.

Customize home automation “scenes” to control lighting, locks and more – Advanced home security and home automation systems include the ability to set custom “scenes.” This makes saving energy and securing your home as easy as a press of a button. For example, Alert 360 provides preset Scenes that include Home, Away, Sleep, and Wake Up. However, you’re free to set Scenes that make sense to you, such as Movie Night, Vacation, After School, or Weekend. Leaving home? Tap the ‘Away’ button and your security system arms, front door locks, and lights and thermostat adjust to save energy. At bedtime, tap ‘Sleep’ to turn down your lights and thermostat and secure your home.

Smart thermostats allow you to track energy use and adjust as needed. With more knowledge and automated control, you can easily customize your smart thermostat to fit your lifestyle and routine. Automating your home’s temperature can help reduce overall energy use and costs.

Secure your garage with a connected opener – It’s one of the most often used entry points by family members … and thieves. With an automated garage door, you’ll gain more control and awareness, using our convenient mobile app. You’ll know when family members or friends enter and exit the garage. You can remotely open the garage for friends, a dog walker, housecleaner, or repairman. Most important, never wonder again if the garage door was left open. Keeping a close tab on this entry point helps prevent break-ins, theft, and property damage. Having a connected garage door that you control via an app makes life easier.

Receive a discount on your home insurance premium! Don’t forget that most insurance providers offer a discount for a monitored security system, with or without home automation.

Benefit from an insurance deductible reimbursement program. Some home security system installers and alarm monitoring companies offer to reimburse your insurance deductible following a loss. Details and conditions apply, so be sure to check with your provider. At Alert 360, we take protecting our customers’ homes to heart and offers one of the highest deductible reimbursement in the industry.

With a home automation system, small steps can add up to meaningful monthly savings on household expenses. This savings is in addition to the added benefits of automated convenience and comfort. Set lights to come on and the temperature to adjust before your scheduled arrival so that you’re safe and comfortable after a day away.

Home Automation Combined with a Security System: Automate your Peace of Mind

In short, home automation, combined with a home security system help protect your property and wallet. If you already enjoy a home security system, consider adding home automation features. If you’re shopping for home security for the first time, remember these additional benefits of having alarm monitoring services on your side:

• Monitored home security systems automatically alert the local police in the case of a break-in;
• Home alarm systems also can detect smoke or dangerous levels of carbon monoxide and automatically alert the fire department;
• Door sensors and security alerts help protect sensitive areas when you can’t be home;
• Features such as doorbell cameras keep you connected to home, family; and
• Security cameras discourage crime and track unusual activities on your property.

Technological advances in security systems make these services an invaluable part of your home and provide significant savings, convenience. The benefits above only touch on the many features a home security system, with home automation, provides. For more details on how to make the most of your home alarm or home automation system, review our previous home security blogs.

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