As an owner, you know you need a business security system. But how do you choose the best security system company? What should a business security system include? How much does a business security system cost? And what benefits can you expect from having a customized, monitored alarm system? In this first blog in our business security series, we’ll cover the basics of commercial security solutions.

What Should a Business Security System Include?

Most business security systems include a professionally installed and monitored security system. This system most likely will include access control, intrusion detection, energy management, business automation, video monitoring, and business reporting features. A professional alarm company and security expert can help design a security and automation system that’s right for your business. When installed, this system will help your business operate more efficiently and ensure your employees, inventory, and customers are safe.

Innovative Business Security Solutions that Work Double Duty

As a top security monitoring company, at Alert 360, we work with thousands of business owners to design custom security systems that work for their unique businesses. No matter what security solution you need for your workplace, the following business security options will go a long way in protecting your assets:

Remote system access – First things first: A business security system should make your life easier and secure your business. You’ll want a wireless, web-enabled security system for the most convenience. A security system you can access remotely, using a mobile app, allows you to stay in control of your business around the clock from almost anywhere.

With a robust, wireless security system and mobile app, you gain the ability to remotely arm/disarm your system. You can also view live and recorded video from your phone or tablet, receive real-time alerts, notifications and more. Our Alert 360 mobile app allows you to receive notifications when your system has been armed or disarmed. You also can use our security app to check the status of your security system from almost anywhere.

Working with a leading monitored security provider, a system can be developed that allows you to remotely manage multiple business locations from a single page on the app. You’ll be able to keep an eye on valuable inventory and equipment, control access, and provide a safe business environment. A security system, with remote access, provides valuable awareness and saves time, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

On-site access control – The ability to control and track access both remotely and on-site can provide valuable information about openings, closings, and personnel safety. Access control notifications can also alert you to unusual activity. Access control is a necessary component of any commercial security system.

Intrusion detection – A professionally monitored security system provides intrusion detection and so much more. Activated alarm sensors at your business can help protect vulnerable entry points, trigger an alarm with motion is detected or glass is shattered. Most systems also can be customized to send an email, text alert or push notification when an alarm sensor is activated. For example, you can receive helpful reminders and alerts when a door is left open or someone is entering or exiting your business at an unusual time.

Video surveillance – What’s better than seeing (and recording) what’s happening at your business when you’re away? Not only do security cameras and video surveillance help prevent crime and protect employees, but recorded video can also help in the event of an insurance claim or liability issue. Today’s high-tech smart security cameras provide crystal-clear, HD and night vision options that help you monitor activity inside and outside your business. Alert 360’s smart video also allows you to store and send video clips right from your phone. Check out our business video security section to learn more about the full capabilities of today’s security cameras.

24/7 security alarm monitoring – You’ll want to ensure you choose one of the best security systems, with professional alarm monitoring. Professional alarm monitoring provides experienced alarm dispatchers who can quickly contact emergency personnel or law enforcement if needed, around the clock. Knowing there’s someone there to help eliminates worry. In addition, often, insurance providers provide a discount to businesses with a professionally monitored alarm system. Look for a security company that owns its own monitoring center for the highest quality service and fastest dispatch times.

Security insight and reporting – At Alert 360, our business insight reporting provides critical and actionable data that help you make smarter decisions concerning staffing, business hours, energy use and more. When working with a security provider, ask for sample data and reports that you would receive. This will help ensure the insight provides easy-to-understand data and trends about your business. Helpful security data might include activity levels at your business, opening and closing times, inventory access specifications, peak periods of customer activity, traffic, and more. (You’ll also want to ensure the reporting will cover as many business locations as you need in one report or via a dashboard.)

Energy management options – Most leading security providers can design a system that connects your thermostats to your security system for smarter, responsive energy savings. A smart thermostat can send alerts when settings are changed or temperature exceeds a preset threshold, protecting valuable assets. Remote control of smart thermostats across multiple business locations is also an option.

Energy management and business automation system also provides helpful climate and ambiance control at your locations. You’ll be able to customize schedules and settings to create an ideal environment for customers and employees. You can also program a smart thermostat to automatically adjust when the last person leaves for the day or night.

Overall, smart thermostats help you save on business expenses without giving it much thought, even if someone forgets to turn off the AC or heating when closing for the day. You can also choose a lock-out feature so that others can’t adjust the thermostat.

Intelligent Lighting – To increase energy savings and employee safety, consider a security system that allows you to set schedules to control lighting. At Alert 360, our lighting rules allow you to turn selected lights on/off based on system triggers, such as when your security system is armed/disarmed or protected doors are opened/closed.

As part of your smart business security system, Geo-Services (or geo-fencing) add another layer of automation based on your location. Using your smartphone, Geo-Services know if you are arriving at or leaving the business, to open or close. Then, your system adjusts the thermostat and lighting automatically.
Environmental monitoring – Top-rated security companies provide detection for environmental issues that can damage property or inventory. In addition to extreme temperature fluctuations, you can include protection against water leaks or pooled water. An alarm monitoring center and your mobile app will provide critical notification of these hazards, saving inventory, equipment, and property.

Automate Business Security, Energy Management for Worry-Free Savings

As a business owner or manager, you have enough on your plate. You shouldn’t have to worry about security and processes you can automate. The right business security and automation system, along with a reputable monitored security provider, will help save you time, money and worry.

When comparing business security providers, look for top security companies in your area who can provide customized support, years of experience, and 5 Diamond 24/7 alarm monitoring. Business security systems have changed through the years and keep getting better. If it has been a while since you have upgraded, it is important to become knowledgeable about the improvements in commercial security.

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The Alert 360 blog is recognized as a top 10 home security Blog post in the nation!