Are you considering a home security camera system but don’t know where to begin? You’re probably wondering: What type of home security camera is right for me? How many security cameras should I install? Where is the best place to install home security cameras? Is it expensive to have security cameras installed by an alarm monitoring company?

Many home security providers offer free consultations, which is a great place to start. If you’re like most homeowners, however, you prefer to do some research ahead of time. Understanding your options can help you ask questions that are meaningful to your home, family, business, and lifestyle.

Choosing a Home Security Camera System

Rest assured, that an experienced home security consultant will know what questions to ask to help you choose the best home security and camera system. A security expert can also provide a helpful walkaround of your home or business to identify optimum areas for surveillance. Some great news? Costs for home security and cameras have come down considerably, while the technology has advanced. And, monthly alarm monitoring costs less than a dinner out for a family of four.

What Should I Consider When Choosing a Home Security Camera System?

Before we share information about your security camera options, let’s consider what questions you might have about installing a security camera. We recommend reviewing the following with a local home security provider, which will help determine security camera choices and areas to protect:

• Where do you store valuables that need to be protected by a security camera system?
• Do you have school-aged children or elderly parents?
• Do you have a sensitive area, such as a pool, gun safe or medicine cabinet?
• Would you like to know who stops by your property or when deliveries are made?
• Are there areas of your property that are hard to keep an eye on and allow entry?
• Do you want the convenience of mobile-app control, video viewing, and sharing?
• Would you like to record and store video from a security camera system?
• Would you like the added security of professional alarm monitoring and dispatchers?
• Do you want the flexibility of adding to your camera system in the future?
• Would you prefer alerts and notifications based on activity detected by your security cameras?

To help, we answered many of these questions here:

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The Most Popular Home Security Camera Systems

With nearly 50 years of experience in the security industry, we’ve followed the rise in popularity of home security cameras. Homeowners who install security cameras state convenience, quality, and performance using an app as the most popular capabilities of today’s camera systems.

At Alert 360, we offer both dome security cameras and bullet security cameras. Our 2.8 dome camera specifically is a top choice with home security customers. Our doorbell camera also is a very popular home security camera option. Overall, most homeowners opt for a security camera system that covers a variety of video surveillance needs in and around their homes. By far, the benefits homeowners enjoy most are property protection and crime prevention. Burglars who notice a home is protected by monitored security cameras are more likely to move on to another target.

In addition, some of the coolest new features in home security camera systems that homeowners enjoy include:

• picture quality
• video storage capabilities
• ability to include numerous cameras
• more affordable security camera options
• indoor cameras with two-way voice
• DVR camera systems with multiple camera options and ability to add security cameras
• infrared, LED night vision so the camera works well even in low light
• video clips that help prevent crime or capture thieves

At Alert 360, our base security camera system comes with four camera capabilities. A base home security camera system like this allows a homeowner to start with two or three and add more cameras if needed. The ability to add on to a camera system is helpful for growing families or during different life stages. For example, if you welcome a new baby, help care for an aging parent or add a shop, garage or pool. Alert 360 can design a camera system with up to 16 cameras; or more for business applications.

Now that we know the most popular features in home security camera systems, let’s dig deeper and look at the options and benefits of dome and bullet cameras.

Home Security Dome Camera Features and Benefits

Dome security cameras are popular with both homeowners and business owners for a variety of reasons. These cameras are circular, with a dome shape, and are popular because they blend in well with their surroundings. They are not as easily knocked down or moved, which bullet cameras are more susceptible to.

Dome cameras provide some of the highest levels of video surveillance, along with the following benefits:

• vandal-resistant surveillance
• wide-angle viewing options
• zoom available within phone or tablet app
• indoor and outdoor use
• weatherproof
• night vision

Features and Benefits of Bullet-Style Security Cameras

Many homeowners invest in bullet security cameras, which appear more like a tube and are easily seen. The higher visibility of this style of security camera can also help to deter crime. These security cameras also can be used indoors or outdoors. The benefits that homeowners enjoy when installing bullet-style security cameras include:

• ease of install, repositioning and change of view
• long-range viewing options
• night vision up to 40 feet
• weatherproof
• live and recorded video can be viewed through our free mobile app
• instant alerts with smart clip capture
• HD quality, with crystal clear video
• ability to view multiple locations on the same screen

Home Security Features of a Doorbell Camera

The doorbell camera or video doorbell is certainly worth a mention. Many homeowners are familiar with doorbell cameras, which have seen a rise in popularity the past few years. Alert 360 home security systems include the doorbell option, which offers the following features:

• ability to see, hear and speak to visitors on a free Alert 360 app
• built-in motion sensor sends you alerts even if a visitor doesn’t press the doorbell button
• video recording so that you can review event history or take a photo of your visitors
• full-color HD, night vision
• motion sensor alerts
• weather and rain-proof
• high-resolution video
• zoom capability
• ability to adjust or turn off chime from our app if quiet is preferred in home

Things to Consider Before Installing DIY Security Cameras

A final consideration you might have is weighing the benefits of a professionally installed and monitored system versus a DIY security camera system. It’s worth noting that many home insurance providers offer a discount for a monitored camera system, and a security system can increase the value of your home.

There are other benefits to working with an experienced home security company. These companies provide years of investment and technology partners that design reliable cameras and cutting-edge services that last for the long haul. For more on this, check out our blog “Why that $79.95 Home Security DIY Camera may not be a Secure Purchase.”

We also recommend considering a combination of security cameras around your home. Installing multiple cameras, connected by a system that you can easily monitor, allows you to achieve more viewing options and angles. Working with professional designers and installers makes the job easier and comes with 24/7 alarm monitoring.

Free Consultation from a Top-Rated Home Security Company

At Alert 360, we provide nearly 50 years of experience in designing, installing and monitoring home security systems. We also have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. As a top-rated home security company, we offer a full line of security cameras for both homes and businesses. Partnering with security industry-leading technology vendors allows us to offer the latest in security cameras for the home, including mobile app control and viewing.

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